How to Enable RCON on Minecraft

Enabling RCON for your Minecraft server allows for a more specific administrative route. This is not required however can easily be enabled if needed.

How to Download Minecraft Server Logs

All of your server data and setup process are logged in log files. You can access them and view them through the browser, or you can download a copy.

How to Change Your Minecraft Version on Java

When connecting to a server, it is required to have the same version client when connecting to it.

How to Setup Minecraft World Border

Setting a world border allows you to limit the area you and your players can venture out to.

How to Setup Minecraft Votifier

Nuvotifier is a Spigot plugin that notifies you when a vote has been made on a Minecraft server's top list. This can be set up in minutes.

How to Install Spongeforge on Forge

Adding SpongeForge to Forge will allow you to use both plugins and mods on your server. This can be done easily.

How to Fix Internal Error

The most common cause for "internal" error on your game server page is caused if your server crashed due to a lack of resources.

How to Disable Minecraft Player Announcements

Player advancements messages are in-game notifications for each player to show other users and yourself the amount of progress you've completed.

How to Change Your Minecraft Skin

Requirements: A Minecraft Skin downloaded - you can find skins on www.minecraftskins.com/

How To Upload And Download Your Minecraft World

Downloading and uploading minecraft world guide

How To Upgrade Your Minecraft Server Version

When running an older version server like 1.12.2 and wanting to upgrade to a newer version without having to make backups of your files and fear losing data

How To Upgrade Your Existing Plan

When expanding your server or not having enough resources

How To Make A Flat World In Minecraft

Having a flat world allows you to make extra room

How To Change Your Minecraft Server Java Version

Depending on which server you are running

How To Allocate Your Minecraft Server Resources

When running multiple servers on one plan

How to Install Minecraft Mods

Keep in mind that you can only install mods on Forge and Modpack servers. Spigot, Bukkit, and Standard Minecraft do not have mod support.

How to Generate Minecraft Timings Report

A timings report can be done on Spigot, Spongeforge, or PaperSpigot servers

How to Fix EULA Agreement Error

For the server to run correctly, the EULA agreement has to be agreed to

How to Change Your Minecraft Server Gamemode

Changing your server gamemode allows you to decide what type of server you would like to run

How to Add Mobs to Bedrock Servers

Since Pocketmine and Nukkit both at default, this guide will show it can be added.

How to Change Your Minecraft Server Tick Speed

Changing the server tick speeds allow you to improve your performance.

How to Uninstall Plugins on Your Minecraft Server

When a plugin is not behaving correctly or not wanting to have it on your server

How to Change Max Players on Your Minecraft Server

Keep in mind that free servers cannot change max-players as that is only a premium feature.

How to Disable Server Watchdog

If your console is filled with "Running X MS behind, skipping X ticks" then this is an indication

How to Enable Coordinates on Your Minecraft Bedrock Server

Enabling coordinates on your server is a nifty way to keep track of where you are when going on a longer adventure

How to Enable or Disable The Nether

Allowing or disabling access can depend on your personal preference and the gameplay of your server

How to Fix Console /list Spam

How to fix spam messages in console to make management easier

How to Install Plugins on Your Minecraft Server

Plugins allow you to change your gameplay experience without having to alter the code of the game as a mod does.

How To Delete Player Data On Your Minecraft Server

If a player's inventory is bugged or you want to get rid of specific users from your server

How To Disable Spawn Protection In Minecraft

Spawn protection prevents players from building in spawn including placing and removing blocks.

How To Become An Admin On Your Minecraft Server

When owning a Minecraft server and wanting to have more of an administrative touch

How To Wipe World On Your Minecraft Server

If grown tired of your old world and wanting to start fresh or having technical issues

How To Enable Command Blocks In Minecraft

A command block allows you to execute commands by the click of a button in-game.

How To Change Your Minecraft Server Seed

A Minecraft seed are values made up of random characters and numbers that are used to generate a completely random world for your game.

How To Change Level Type On Your Minecraft Server

If wanting to change your level-type to something different or perhaps a mod requires it for different world generation

How To Change Difficulty On Your Minecraft Server

The difficulty of the server determines the number of mobs, player health, level of starvation, villagers becoming zombies

How to Change Your Minecraft Username

When growing tired of your old username or needing to change it for a specific reason, this guide will show you this can be achieved in a matter of minutes

How to Create a Free Minecraft Server

If wanting to test our services or to own a free yet powerful server provided by us

How to Delete Minecraft Playerdata

If a player's inventory is corrupted or stuck, or is unable to log in and deleting their player data would solve that issue

How to Edit server.properties on Your Minecraft Server

The server.properties configuration file on Minecraft servers allows for a wide variety of changes to be made

How to Fix "Exception in Server Tick Loop" Error on Minecraft

If your server is not starting and you can find the following error in the server console

How to Fix "Failed to Check Session Lock" Error on Minecraft

On occasion, your server might not start correctly because of a session lock

How to Fix "Ticking Block Entity" Error on Minecraft

If reading the Minecraft server crash-report and realizing that the error is caused by "Ticking Block Entity"

How to Fix Connection “Refused No Further Information" Error on Minecraft

he issue is usually caused by an issue with your firewall

How to Get a Sponsored Minecraft Server

If you are a YouTuber or are running a gaming community for Minecraft and would like to have a free 10GB RAM sponsored server

How to Make a Bungeecord Server

Bungeecord is a server configuration addon, allowing you to connect two or more servers and giving you the ability to travel between those servers

How to Manage Minecraft Whitelist

If as a server owner you require more privacy or want to whitelist or blacklist specific users from joining or not being able to join your server

How to Reset the End on Minecraft

The End is a space-like dimension, allowing the player to explore a never-before-seen type of terrain.

How to Set World Spawn on Minecraft

The spawn point is the initial location on Minecraft where a user first logs in or spawns to

How to Setup Biomes of Plenty on Minecraft

Biomes of plenty is a mod addon for modded servers

How to Share Your Server Console Access

If you would like a player not to have full access to your server, but have access to your console so they can check the server status.

How to Use Game Rules in Minecraft

Game rules allow you to alter or modify the gameplay of your Minecraft server without having to add any plugins or mods.

How to Make a Minecraft Pocket Edition Server

Minecraft PE is a game allowing an adventure of limitless possibilities as you build, mine, battle mobs, and explore the world.

How to Make a Minecraft Server

Minecraft is a game allowing an adventure of limitless possibilities as you build, mine, battle mobs, and explore the world.

How to Enable Hardcore Mode on Your Minecraft Server

Hardcore more is an even difficult variant of Survival mode.

How to Use Your Minecraft Server Console

A server console allows you to have an overview of what's happening on it through seeing player actions, chats, and other server-specific related actions.

How to Check Your Server Resource Usage

The server resources are shown within graphs so you can plan your server management accordingly.

How to Allocate More RAM to Your Minecraft Launchers

If the client is freezing or crashing due to a memory error, it is most likely because your client does not have enough RAM allocated to run correctly.

How to Diagnose Server Crashing Issues on Your Minecraft Server

Server crashes can occur if you do not have enough resources to run your server or installed a non-functioning/incompatible mod or plugin.

How to Make Money on Minecraft

Are you a digital marketer interested in earning generous affiliate revenue for selling our Minecraft server hosting?

How to Fix "Failed to Bind to Port" on Minecraft

When running a Minecraft server, the last thing a player wants to see is an error preventing him from starting the server correctly.

How to Fix "Can't Keep Up" Error on Your Minecraft Server

If you are experiencing lag on the server and see a "Can't keep up" error in your Server console

How to Allow Flight on Your Minecraft Server

Flying is a key part of a Minecraft player experience.

How to Manage Your Minecraft Backup Features

A backup feature allows you to set up an automatic system to make backups of your server and files when you require.

How to Fix "Unable to Access Jarfile" on Minecraft

The "Unable to access jarfile" error means that the server was unable to find the server.jar file required to run the server.

How to Fix "Failed to Verify Username" on Minecraft

The error can occur if your current session is having issues authenticating with Mojang's login servers.

How to Install Datapacks on Your Minecraft Server

Datapacks provide the player a method of further customizing their Minecraft experience on a vanilla server without having to upload any mods or plugins.

How to Ban and Unban Players Your Minecraft server

You can issue commands in the server console or in-game to use ban or unban commands.

How to Add a Resource Pack to Your Minecraft Server

What is a Resource pack? Adding a resource pack to your server is a great way to bring out the visual aspects of your Minecraft server.

How to Update a Minecraft Modpack Server

Modpacks receive regular updates from their developers and we keep it our top priority to have all of the modpacks we provide updated to the latest version.

How to Change the MOTD on Your Minecraft Server

You can have anything from basic text to color-coded text in this box as it will help you stand out from other servers with ease.

How to Create Scheduled Tasks on Your Minecraft server

Scheduled tasks allow you to automate your server managing process by either making a task for it to start, stop, restart, update, or even execute commands, etc

How to Add a Server Icon to Your Minecraft Server

A server icon allows your server to stand out by adding a creative picture to it so your server can be visible from thousands of others.

How to Reset the Nether on Your Minecraft Java Server

The Nether is a dimension that has seas of lava, unique ores, and monsters and can be quite the challenge for a player compared to the Overworld.

How To Turn Off PVP On Your Minecraft Server

How to turn off PVP on your Minecraft server hosted on Scalacube. Player versus player, also known as PVP refers to combat between two or more players.

How to Change Your Minecraft Server View Distance

How to Change Your Minecraft Server View Distance on Minecraft Server Hosting Scalacube

How To Make Your Own Minecraft Launcher

How To Make Your Own Minecraft Launcher

How to Add a Texture / Resource Pack to your Minecraft Server

How to Add a Texture / Resource Pack to your Minecraft Server

How To Upload Own Modpack / Server On Minecraft Server Hosting

How To Upload Own Modpack / Server On Minecraft Server Hosting

How To Enable And Configure Whitelist On Your Minecraft Server

How To Enable And Configure Whitelist On Your Minecraft Server

How To Enable Flight On Your Minecraft Server

How To Enable Flight On Your Minecraft Server

How to Upload / Download Minecraft World

How to Upload / Download Minecraft World

How to Install Minecraft Mods

How to Install Minecraft Mods