Best Minecraft Server Hosting Providers 2021

Minecraft Server Hosting

Compare Best Minecraft Hosting Companies

Are you looking for the best Minecraft server hosting? Then you can stop looking right now, you have found it. ScalaCube outperforms the competition on price, features, security and flexibility. We believe we are the best Minecraft server hosting company out there, for many reasons. All of our Minecraft servers feature:

  • Unlimited game servers.
  • Unlimited slots.
  • Over 1,000 modpacks available.
  • FTP access.
  • A free website and forum.

Company 1
  • Price$2.5
  • SlotsUnlimited *
  • Game serversUnlimited **
  • ModpacksOver 1000
  • Free Website+Forum
Company 2
  • Price$10
  • SlotsLimited
  • Game serversLimited
  • Modpacks56
  • Free Website+Forum-
Company 3
  • Price$12
  • SlotsLimited
  • Game serversLimited
  • Modpacks42
  • Free Website+Forum-
Company 4
  • Price$8
  • SlotsLimited
  • Game serversLimited
  • Modpacks94
  • Free Website+Forum-

* Any amount of "max-players" can be set in your

** An unlimited number of game servers can be installed on one VPS server.

Other companies limit the number of slots or game servers, and do not provide secure full FTP access, or anywhere near the number of modpacks that enable you to customise the vanilla Minecraft game.

The reason why ScalaCube is the best Minecraft server hosting company, comes down to the way we provision our services for clients. All of the VPS we provide come pre-configured, ready to run Minecraft. Our plans are scalable, meaning you can start small and upgrade as your Minecraft community grows.

Your server comes with its own custom Minecraft launcher, so that your players never have trouble finding your server and logging in. The design of your server launcher is fully customisable.

You have full access to your Minecraft server, and are free to customise it the way you want it to be using FTP. You also have access to all of the files on your server through FTP.

Because your Minecraft server is a full VPS, it can also provide additional features, and this includes a fully configurable and customisable server website with an integrated forum for your Minecraft community to use.