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Factorio is a simulation game that combines survival and real-time tactics with management and building.The Minecraft add-ons IndustrialCraft and BuildCraft served as inspiration for several of the components.

This game is new on the market; Wube Software launched it in 2020 for Windows, Linux, and macOS. Currently, the game may be purchased via Factorio's store, GOG, or Steam, and has been purchased by over 2 million players.

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What Is Factorio?

Factorio is made by Wube Software. This Czech video game developer aimed to create the construction management simulation. Following a four-year early access period, the game was launched for Windows, macOS, and Linux on August 14, 2020, after being announced through an Indiegogo crowdfunding effort in 2013. On October 28, 2022, the game was made available on the Nintendo Switch.

As a sandbox game, players may keep playing even after the main plot concludes, which follows an engineer who crash-lands on an unknown planet and must collect materials and construct industry to build a rocket. The game may be played alone or with others.

Players can only stay alive by exploring the world and gathering the materials needed to construct basic tools and machines, which in turn produce the high-tech components that unlock the game's more complex technologies and machinery. The player advances in the game as they construct and operate a factory-like automated system to mine, transport, process, and assemble materials and goods. Beginning with simple automation and progressing to oil refining, robotics, and powered exoskeletons, players discover cutting-edge technologies that enable them to construct new buildings and produce new commodities and upgrades.

The game's blueprint system lets you design manufacturing components that may be used again and again. A construction baseline is included in the plans, which makes it possible to replicate industrial components or even build new factories from scratch.

Even though the game is technically "won" when a rocket is launched, you may choose to disregard this aim and keep expanding your factory, as Factorio is an open world game. Because of the enormous number of materials needed to build a rocket, the player is encouraged to establish a large, efficient factory. Make a Factorio server today!