Rust Server Hosting Features

Oxide Support

Oxide Support

Full FTP Access

Full FTP Access

Modify settings easily

Modify settings easily

DDoS Protection

DDoS Protection

How to Make A Rust Server

By using our control panel you can easily make your own Rust server.
Now it's easier than ever to make your own Rust server.

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The Rust Server Hosting Control Panel

When you rent a Rust server hosting from us, you will be provided with access to your own Rust server control panel. This is your own portal that will allow you to you administer your Rust server, change options, and restart it, etc.

The server control panel provides lots of functionality. You are able to update the Rust server application, as well as shut it down, start it up, or restart it. All of the passwords you will need to run your rust server can be found in the control panel. This includes the Rust admin password you will need to use to set yourself up as a Rust admin in-game.

The control panel also provides comprehensive player management functionality. You can ban players based on player name, IP address, etc. as well as unban the, and change information about the player.

Using the Rust server control panel is your first port of call when it comes to configuring your Rust server, changing settings, and configuring many of the server options. The control panel is easy to use and understand, and you will find plenty of help text to get you started.

Our Rust server hosting provides servers full DDoS protection. This helps to ensure that your Rust server is always online, always playable, and that latency is kept as low as possible. We always have your back, with our excellent help and support system, and our team of customer support operatives who are always available to prove the help you need, when you need it.

What Is Rust?

Rust is one of the original multiplayer-only survival games. To make your own Rust server you have to rent a Rust server hosting. Iconic in the way that every player starts naked, with nothing more than a rock in their hands. Rust was developed by Facepunch Studios and originally released as an early access game way back in 2013. Rust had its full release in 2018, and before this time the graphics engine was completely overhauled, making the game look more modern and allowing it to compete with other, already established survival games. Rust is available for PC, Linux and macOS.

The gameplay of Rust pitches every player against every other, in a survival of the fittest style competition to gather resources, build bases, and protect property. Players can (and usually do) form loos alliances, and build bases that they share, and defend from other players.

The objective of Rust is not simply to survive, any player can do this by never doing anything apart from walking around with their rock. The goal is to thrive, to open up new technology, take control of key resources, and build a base that is safe from attack, stopping other players from stealing your valuable resources and items.

Combat includes melee, or if you can find one and keep hold of it, a ranged weapon. Rest is recognised as one of the harshest pure PvP survival games out there. If you enjoy a challenge, and think you have what it takes to keep yourself alive, then Rust may well be the perfect game for you, give it a try.