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    Dariusz Kamiński
    Hello. I learned about the Scala Cube from a friend, he told me to open the Rust host, claiming that it is easier to use than what I previously had. And I will say yes, it is so easy that you can set up and configure the server for sleep, it is simply intuitive. There are no problems that every now and then sit the server or get involved. I'm very happy. Recommend
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    Martin Stewart
    I have hosted many games on many different Rust hosts and for the price of scalacube servers they run amazing. Highly recommended for anyone looking to start a community that has little experience
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    Janis Jogisu
    It is best Rust Hosting service i have experienced so far and im realy happy with it ! Its Cheap and stable! Good and quick support and servers running with 0 lag! All my server players are happy and im happy with it ! Its very easy to use! Will use this Host for a longer time for sure and already thinking about use this host for some other game servers also!
  • User Image
    Aaron Johnson
    I'm new to server renting, I just did a google search this come up first. Took me like 2-3 mins to get a server up and running so easy to set up and you get step by step guidance on how to get it fully operational.
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