How to Wipe Your Rust Server

Wiping your Rust server allows you to have a new start, however, there is more than one method in wiping your server.

How to Ban And Unban Players On Rust

When you have administrative rights, you can ban and unban users if they are breaking the rules. This guide will show you how to do it easily.

How to Add a Rust Server Description

Adding a server description allows your incoming players to see what kind of server you have and what the expected rules are. This can be set up in minutes.

How To Become An Admin In Rust-new

Making yourself an admin on your server allows you to use different administrative commands

How to Add Tags to Your Rust Server

Adding server tags allows you to easily show what type of server you are running

How to Install Rust Whitelist

A Whitelist allows you to only allow access to users on that list, other users will not be allowed to connect.

How To Reset Your Rust Server World

When wiping or wanting a fresh start

How to Add a Website URL To Your Rust Server

When connecting to a server through the in-game list, there will be a button visible which is "View webpage".

How to Connect To Rust RCON

RCON or Remote Console is a very convenient client-side admin tool used for a smoother Rust administrative experience.

How to Change Your Rust Server Header Image

A header image allows your server to stand out from the others

How to Change Your Rust Server Map

If you are a regular Rust player and have adventured all there is on your existing map

How to Upload Plugins To A Rust Server

In preparation, make sure you have an Oxide server installed

How to Make a Rust Server

Rust is a multiplayer-only survival video game.

How to Upload Plugins to a Rust Server

How to Upload Plugins to a Rust Server

How to Become Admin in Rust

How to Become Admin in Rust