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  • minecraft
    Raphael Musch Minecraft 4.5G - December 01, 2022
    I searched for a while and then found your company and am very happy with all the mod choices just awesome
  • project-zomboid
    Aiden Marchman Project Zomboid 6G - December 01, 2022
    Had some teething issues learning how to do it but its fairly easy once you get the hang of it!
  • minecraft
    Hunnie Bee Minecraft 4.5G - December 01, 2022
    I have been on a lot of other Minecraft server websites however, none come as close to being as good. It offers a wide range of modpacks and mods. And isn't too expensive to use.
  • minecraft
    Phillip Wilson Minecraft 6G - December 01, 2022
    I had some issues with ram but overall very good servers!
  • minecraft
    Adrian Chiforiuc Minecraft 6G - December 01, 2022
    Servers are doing good
  • minecraft
    be dulki Minecraft 6G - December 01, 2022
    so good nice
  • minecraft
    Miah Waller Minecraft 12G - December 01, 2022
    Never experiences issues. Fast and easy setup. Very simple and easy-to-use site. Would recommend!
  • minecraft
    Grimeaux Wolfe Minecraft 6G - December 01, 2022
    I LOVE this hosting service, I've tried to host a minecraft server multiple times and always gotten extremely confused with plugins. Scalacube is easy to use and find plugins that work together. Genuinely recommend so far.
  • rust
    Tatum Greenwood Rust 150 slots - November 30, 2022
    ScalaCube is a great hosting service for beginner and experienced server owners.
  • minecraft
    Weston Milhon Minecraft 8G - November 30, 2022
    Customer Support is very responsive and is pretty helpful if you are a having problem you should ask them ask them first
  • ark
    Brandon Raynor ARK 20 slots - November 30, 2022
    The server runs lovely!
  • minecraft
    Nicholas Phillips Minecraft 12G - November 30, 2022
    ScalaCube has made it easy for me and my friends to play mod packs together. Everything is simple and organized. There packs to choose from as well.
  • ark
    Daniel Martinez ARK 20 slots - November 30, 2022
    Very low prices and server runs very well!
  • minecraft
    Bob Ronan Minecraft 3G - November 30, 2022
    It was very good even on a server that should have needed more ram
  • ark
    braylen prater ARK 20 slots - November 29, 2022
    Its a great way to play with all my friends on our own server.
  • ark
    Ernestas Stukas ARK 20 slots - November 29, 2022
    Fast and smooth services and excellent support! 5/5
  • minecraft
    Stan Max Minecraft 6G - November 29, 2022
    Really nice, gives you a dashboard with everything you would need. Would recommend other people to use.
  • minecraft
    Zedekiah Lafayette Minecraft 1.5G - November 29, 2022
    Works well for me and my friend’s
  • minecraft
    Riccardo Commisso Minecraft 6G - November 28, 2022
    The server is very good and don't lag,i doed also a crash test and the server is resulted really good
  • minecraft
    Edward Ratunil Minecraft 6G - November 28, 2022
    Easy access. Hassle Free.
  • minecraft
    Jered Starr Minecraft 6G - November 28, 2022
    Great performance so far!
  • minecraft
    martin gomez Minecraft 6G - November 28, 2022
    very nice for me and my friends to play crazy craft . easy to set up
  • minecraft
    Jack Weston Minecraft 4.5G - November 27, 2022
    Very easy to use and reliable server connection :)
  • rust
    Jose Menendez Hernandez Rust 150 slots - November 27, 2022
    This Hosting for my rust server was a perfect fit for my needs. 10/10
  • minecraft
    Constantin König Minecraft 3G - November 27, 2022
    Very good server quality