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  • minecraft
    Dylan Curtis Minecraft VPS 6G - September 21, 2020
    runs surprisingly well with 6GB I run a server with a few mods that are very demanding. Millenaire can run with well over 100 npcs doing their tasks. it also runs the aether and twilight forest perfectly
  • minecraft
    Oscar Myrvoll Minecraft VPS 3G - September 21, 2020
    The support on this hosting is great! And there is 0 lag and i got my server instantly.
  • minecraft
    crown irrelevant Minecraft VPS 6G - September 21, 2020
    The first server I had ran into some difficulty but their customer service is great and offered me a new server without problems.
  • minecraft
    Philip Vanner Minecraft VPS 1.5G - September 21, 2020
    I've had no problems with it, all prices seem reasonable and affordable. Would recommend to anyone who wants to run a Minecraft server
  • minecraft
    Azusa Nakano Minecraft VPS 3G - September 20, 2020
    Is a very good service no complaints
  • minecraft
    Tony Kha Minecraft VPS 4.5G - September 19, 2020
    The service has been excellent so far. The server was deployed incredibly quickly and has been super fast. The server has not crashed a single time, and I've not needed to configure anything -- all I did was pick the modpack and everything started working. Amazing so far.
  • minecraft
    golddollar thebest Minecraft VPS 1.5G - September 19, 2020
    legit me and my friend tried to play together and this made our dream come true
  • minecraft
    Jayden Gonzalez Minecraft VPS 3G - September 18, 2020
    The server so far has run smooth for the amount of ram it has, no major issues.
  • minecraft
    Radu Dorin Minecraft VPS 768 MB - September 18, 2020
    its very good, no lag, i recommend to play with your friends or even open a big server
  • minecraft
    Marcus Saga Minecraft VPS 3G - September 18, 2020
  • minecraft
    Martyna Jablonska Minecraft VPS 4.5G - September 18, 2020
    its cool
  • minecraft
    Tantsa Tantsa Minecraft VPS 1.5G - September 18, 2020
    very nice minecraft server thanks scalacube.
  • minecraft
    Kris Soozo Minecraft VPS 4.5G - September 18, 2020
    Amazing, blew me away. Runs RLCraft FLAWLESSLY!
  • minecraft
    Luke Swanson Minecraft VPS 4.5G - September 17, 2020
    As an owner of one, I can gladly say that Scalacube's servers are easy to use. I would recommend a Scalacube server to anyone who wants to run a server but is scared to create their own-- it really is so easy. Also, the servers are affordable, which is definitely a plus. I have no complaints, what else can I say.
  • minecraft
    cory munshaw Minecraft VPS 4.5G - September 17, 2020
    i injoy this alot runs wayyy better than hwat i use to useand the pirce is jsut aw awsome will worth it
  • minecraft
    joshua allen Minecraft VPS 4.5G - September 17, 2020
    really good will pay for next mounth
  • minecraft
    Adam Aguilar Minecraft VPS 4.5G - September 16, 2020
    Great and reliable service, everything is laid out nicely and nothing is too hard to comprehend. Easily being able to access all files to the server without having to find out where to go is great. Would totally recommend.
  • minecraft
    Daniel Pritzker Minecraft VPS 4.5G - September 16, 2020
    so far so good been 3 days
  • minecraft
    Nathan Harries-Wood Minecraft VPS 4.5G - September 16, 2020
    Havent had any issues so far, nice an easy to set up a server.
  • minecraft
    Wesley Zupan Minecraft VPS 3G - September 16, 2020
    Honestly, I've used other hosting websites before and this one just stands out. Super easy interface to work with, good connection for everyone in the server, and the price is insane for the quality you get within your server. Overall, 10/10 for me. Definitely would recommend to others.
  • rust
    connor wymer Rust 100 slots - September 15, 2020
    I love it and the plan. I love how the cost is based on players, not ram. The only problem I have is plugins sometimes but I think that is me being dumb. Thank you for being the best :)
  • minecraft
    cameron currell Minecraft VPS 1.5G - September 15, 2020
    Great server no lag even on sponge with mods and plugins
  • minecraft
    Tyson Wachter Minecraft VPS 4.5G - September 15, 2020
    i like
  • minecraft
    Frederik Dam Minecraft VPS 4.5G - September 14, 2020
    Very good service. fast and reliable
  • minecraft
    Jack Guillen Minecraft VPS 1.5G - September 14, 2020
    This Minecraft server hosting service is extremely simple and, easy to create new servers for MC players who want to start their own server.