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  • minecraft
    Francisco Silva Minecraft 1.5G - August 06, 2022
    really good for beginner server owners!
  • minecraft
    devin thorpe Minecraft 4.5G - August 06, 2022
    it's good
  • minecraft
    sei nioh Minecraft 4.5G - August 06, 2022
    very stable server
  • minecraft
    Sean Qualischefski Minecraft 6G - August 05, 2022
    Incredible host. Stable, value, feature packed. 10/10
  • minecraft
    Neil Avalos Minecraft 12G - August 05, 2022
    Great hosting! The compatibility with modpacks and the ease of file access makes ScalaCube the best hosting service i've ever used! I did have some lag, but was resolved within MINUTES! I was hesitant on the support, only being able to submit tickets, but the average response time for me, was 3 minutes. Excellent!
  • rust
    Christian Johnson Rust 150 slots - August 05, 2022
    Came back to Scalacube because of easy access for plugins and files needed to run the server. Cost is my biggest concern, its somewhat competitive, but for a guy who rents this server for my buddies and I to have a pretty private place to play, only having the 150 slot option is what would ultimately drive me to go somewhere else.
  • rust
    isaiah kenney Rust 150 slots - August 04, 2022
    Had an issue with my server, and had it resolved relatively quickly. To be honest it was faster than I expected.
  • minecraft
    Jaden Sengkhammee Minecraft 12G - August 04, 2022
    Easy to use, friendly interface
  • minecraft
    heber yael Minecraft 6G - August 03, 2022
    Straight to the point and helped me with the issues fast.
  • ark
    Ray Chavez ARK 20 slots - August 03, 2022
    Price is on point for the server. Everything works as intended and very easy to use, your in control of all the functions regarding your server. Very happy with the purchase A+++++
  • minecraft
    Angel Vilavert Minecraft 8G - August 03, 2022
    When the host is going wrong , u give us free days, the support is amazing!!!
  • minecraft
    Mario Rossi Minecraft 12G - August 03, 2022
    Very useful for the fact that you can easily change modpacks without paying additional fees, the server is really great, the ping is very good, I've been playing with a heavy modpack and it showed no problems in lag. Will easily recommend to any friends that wish to buy a minecraft server.
  • minecraft
    Joseph Vogel Minecraft 6G - August 03, 2022
    It was great just I couldnt add any extra mods on my own (or any that worked) sometimes my friends couldnt break blocks although that was fixable by changing the spawn protection overall a cool experience to play with my friends using my own rules not a servers
  • minecraft
    Liam Carpitella Minecraft 8G - August 02, 2022
    Working well and easy to add mods
  • minecraft
    Jonathan Foster Jr Minecraft 4.5G - August 02, 2022
    Fairly Decent GP, Works well
  • ark
    Charlie Williams ARK 20 slots - August 01, 2022
    The server responds very fast and the RAM doesn't make the server have any latency at all
  • minecraft
    Logan Nobes Minecraft 4.5G - August 01, 2022
  • minecraft
    bogdan savin Minecraft 1.5G - August 01, 2022
    Verry good
  • ark
    Keegan Frankevic ARK 20 slots - August 01, 2022
    Server has run flawlessly since initial uptime, little to no lag. Best server host I've ever given my business.
  • minecraft-pe
    Juan Carlos Aquino Minecraft PE 1.5G - August 01, 2022
    Muy buenas opciones y buena optimizacion del servidor realmente lo recomiendo
  • ark
    Anna-Maria Neppl ARK 20 slots - July 31, 2022
    nice service :>
  • minecraft
    Pauls Starsovs Minecraft 3G - July 31, 2022
    Works perfectly, never have had any problems
  • minecraft
    Jacqueline Jones Minecraft 6G - July 31, 2022
    A great hosting experience, would highly recommend :)
  • minecraft
    Brysen Ross Minecraft 6G - July 30, 2022
    Very good especially when you can make multiple worlds
  • minecraft
    Michael Elgan Minecraft 6G - July 30, 2022
    Me and my friends are pretty stupid, I can't discern a pencil from a pen, but Scalacubes tech videos help to configure the server, thank you for being an amazing service that I will continue to work with!