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  • minecraft
    Alexander Ottosson Minecraft VPS 3G - January 15, 2020
    Had some problems but the support answerd quickly and helped me
  • minecraft
    Cullan Castle Minecraft VPS 12G - January 15, 2020
    I'm very satisfied.
  • rust
    charlie johns Rust 85 slots - January 14, 2020
    Was able to spawn in 50 bradleyAPCs without the server crashing, great for private servers and public ones, 5/5.
  • ark
    Tyler Copperthwaite ARK 10 slots - January 14, 2020
    Fantastic server connection, easy startup and access to server files. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a good host.
  • rust
    ricky grieveson Rust 50 slots - January 13, 2020
    haven't found no issue amazing thank you
  • rust
    Bryce Romans Rust 50 slots - January 13, 2020
    Very Goood
  • minecraft
    Bryan Debergh Minecraft VPS 4.5G - January 13, 2020
    Very easy setup, very fast setup and never any outages. Easy to use control panel AND easy ftp acces! This hosting really has everything i need
  • minecraft
    Nathan Chauvet Minecraft VPS 3G - January 12, 2020
    decently priced with minimum issues or limitations
  • rust
    Thomas DeFonte Rust 100 slots - January 12, 2020
    My server experience has been great on scalacube, i've bought at least four severs off this server hosting and I have not have any problems with this server, the staff has been great to me, they have helped me for so much through my past experience with scalacube id recommend this server to anyone. Thank you
  • minecraft
    Anon Anonov Minecraft VPS 1.5G - January 12, 2020
  • rust
    Richard Heenan Rust 100 slots - January 12, 2020
    This was my first time using ScalaCube and I can say so far that my server is running excellent. There control panel is so easy to use :) big ++ for someone that wants to get started hosting there own server Really useful and happy I chose ScalaCube for my server! also great on prices so would 100% recommend you give them ago
  • minecraft
    Gael Gonzalez Minecraft VPS 4.5G - January 11, 2020
    Pretty good
  • rust
    Sardjoe Gajadhar Rust 50 slots - January 10, 2020
    Would recommend!
  • rust
    Kieran Bell Rust 50 slots - January 09, 2020
    I would really recommend using this service, they respond to tickets pretty much instantly! Would highly recommend anyone interested in hosting
  • minecraft
    Mick Dommerholt Minecraft VPS 4.5G - January 09, 2020
    Great customer service quick answers to my questions and and excellent server for the price
  • rust
    Donald LeBatard Rust 50 slots - January 08, 2020
    it was pretty simple once i figured it out
  • rust
    SAMUEL BAKER Rust 250 slots - January 07, 2020
    It's pretty hard to find a rust host, but this particular host caught my eye. I gave them a try using there cheapest plan, and it was excellent! Definitely worth every penny. Everything about this host is amazing, no problems at all. Scala Cube, I give it a 11/10, I don't think there is any host better than Scala Cube.
  • rust
    mark hornbaker Rust 50 slots - January 06, 2020
    5 stars. best server
  • minecraft
    Raul Gasca Minecraft VPS 4.5G - January 05, 2020
    It works exactly as promised, and i have had no problems with it, it works very smoothly.
  • minecraft
    Kian Ramsay Minecraft VPS 4.5G - January 04, 2020
    easy to use software and excellent connection even for UK and US on the same server!
  • minecraft
    Joel Mejia Minecraft VPS 1.5G - January 03, 2020
    It´s an excellent host for me and my friends
  • rust
    Patrick Horseling Rust 50 slots - January 03, 2020
    Works great so far!
  • rust
    William Bo Rust 75 slots - January 02, 2020
    I have used two different types of server hosting, and my Favorite to a tee is ScalaCube! There whole setup from there file manager to there Server monitoring. It is a nearly perfect server host. Never switching again!
  • minecraft
    Edwin Medina Minecraft VPS 1.5G - January 01, 2020
    I really like all the freedom of the service to do your server as you want it and when you want it
  • rust
    Jody Donnelly Rust 50 slots - December 30, 2019
    This was my first time using ScalaCube and I can say so far that my server is running fine with no lag at all. They make it really easy to load plugins and manage my server from anywhere. Really useful and happy I chose ScalaCube for my server!