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  • minecraft
    Matthew Fleming Minecraft 4.5G - January 22, 2023
    I've had no problems everything is rather self explanatory and simple to use, I would definitely recommend.
  • minecraft
    Clemente Ferrer Minecraft 1.5G - January 22, 2023
    Easy to set up, reliable
  • ark
    Papapaschos Sotirios ARK 20 slots - January 22, 2023
    Very good server !!!
  • ark
    HAZIM HASAN ARK 20 slots - January 21, 2023
  • ark
    Zachary May ARK 20 slots - January 21, 2023
    Very smooth, private to an extent, and quite cheap for its quality!
  • minecraft
    Talal AlMulhim Minecraft 4.5G - January 21, 2023
    very good host
  • minecraft
    Nickolas Wagner Minecraft 16G - January 21, 2023
    Very good Service, No Noticable lag or service issue, would use again or recommend to friends
  • minecraft
    Pancho Ascui Castillo Minecraft 4.5G - January 20, 2023
    This is the first server that I pay for and the truth is that I chose a good software for this good interface good prices good performance I love it and will continue to use it
  • project-zomboid
    Jun Hou Koh Project Zomboid 4.5G - January 20, 2023
    The connection is stable. I have used the server for 10 days and I am satisfied with the service.
  • minecraft
    Andrej Lukašík Minecraft 8G - January 19, 2023
    Nice hosting nice server. Thank you your servies
  • minecraft
    Luka Howell Minecraft 6G - January 19, 2023
    The server runs really well easy to set up little in to no time. Good for last minute servers!
  • minecraft
    Lucas Parratt Minecraft 6G - January 19, 2023
    Solid as
  • ark
    Kevin Aceves ARK 20 slots - January 19, 2023
    The best for the quality-price relation. Some upgrades could be made to the admin interface. Overall pretty good
  • rust
    Jose Rodriguez Rust 200 slots - January 19, 2023
  • minecraft
    Zsolt Kosztor Minecraft 1.5G - January 19, 2023
  • minecraft
    danyil rozumnyi Minecraft 4.5G - January 19, 2023
    Had some problems setting up modded server but after a bit of tinkering everything worked.
  • minecraft
    Ovie Epete Minecraft 1.5G - January 19, 2023
    Multiple mods were able to run with compatibility with a wide range of modpacks
  • minecraft
    Kris westland Minecraft 8G - January 19, 2023
    So first day I got the server I was not able to play on in and I sent a message and didn't receive one back for the rest of the day, as i gave up hope I realized it was Saturday and their help center is closed on the weekends. When I awoke on Sunday I checked again and my server was working with no problem and they replied to me when it was not a day they were to be working. Very respectable company 9/10 would recommend
  • minecraft
    Tim Dödtmann Minecraft 4.5G - January 19, 2023
    The support team was very quick in answering and could fully resolve my problem. Excellent service!
  • minecraft
    Milan Cvetkovic Minecraft 6G - January 19, 2023
    It's great to host your Minecraft Server i can play with 20 Friends on a Server for only 5€
  • minecraft
    benny andersen Minecraft 4.5G - January 19, 2023
    Its honestly great for minecraft servers. I havent seen any big problems.
  • minecraft
    Gustav Stilling Minecraft 12G - January 19, 2023
    No lag and it is a very good server to play survirval
  • minecraft
    Iria Lemon Minecraft 1.5G - January 19, 2023
    lovely servers. no problems with connection, always online 24 hours. cheap and easy to set up.
  • ark
    Adam Carr ARK 20 slots - January 19, 2023
    Best server service i have had easy to use.
  • minecraft
    Danny Lopez Minecraft 16G - January 18, 2023
    Scalacube has worked great for my friends and I. We have been able to play multiple modpacks with effortless set up. I am able to run multiple servers on one account for a bargain price. Upgrading your plan is also simple and easy and requires no extra work.