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  • minecraft
    Daniel Bøe Høiberg Minecraft 1.5G - May 24, 2023

    Great server, no problems

  • minecraft
    cameron smith Minecraft 6G - May 24, 2023

    Scala Cube Server has everything you could ever ask for

  • minecraft
    Pierre Erbetti Minecraft 6G - May 24, 2023

    Very nice to play a modpack :)

  • minecraft
    Katherina Aulaumea Minecraft 6G - May 24, 2023

    So far with my purchase I’ve been able to play with friends freely. Very trusting and lovely.

  • minecraft
    Vlad Pikul Minecraft 8G - May 24, 2023

    Server works very well compare to other hosts I've used.

  • minecraft
    Mackenzie Hill Minecraft 6G - May 23, 2023


  • minecraft
    Matt Loyacono Minecraft 8G - May 23, 2023

    its good

  • minecraft
    Denis OPW Minecraft 6G - FREE - May 23, 2023

    good hosting site

  • valheim
    James Roten Valheim - May 22, 2023

    works great and doesn't lag or crash. Updating the game is simple and loading our existing world was easy. Great price and dedicated servers

  • minecraft
    reyna diff Minecraft 8G - May 22, 2023


  • minecraft
    Asmae Ouaouach Mahroug Minecraft 12G - May 22, 2023

    The server finally worked fine again, everything is fine, they treated me well and, if I had a problem, they would help you provide a free solution.

  • minecraft
    Peter Kim Minecraft 6G - May 20, 2023

    Excellent hosting service

  • rust
    Ericp Pelletier Rust 150 slots - May 20, 2023

    very good

  • minecraft
    Edgar Delgado Minecraft 12G - May 20, 2023

    Pretty good

  • minecraft
    Wong Ming Minecraft 4.5G - May 20, 2023

    pretty cheap and affordable

  • minecraft
    Matt b Minecraft 12G - May 19, 2023

    Have never had a problem with their servers! I always come back here when I need one! Best price to performance out there

  • minecraft
    Максим Вдовин Minecraft 1.5G - May 19, 2023

    I like it very much it's not laggy much

  • minecraft
    Logan Schaller Minecraft 12G - May 19, 2023

    its honestly been very reliable for me an my friends

  • minecraft
    Anthony Hansen Minecraft 3G - May 19, 2023

    Great Quality Minecraft Servers

  • minecraft
    daniel lavullis Minecraft 6G - May 18, 2023

    good for the modpack im using

  • minecraft
    Alex Williams Minecraft 8G - May 18, 2023

    There is no lag on the server and its very easy to change things that i want such as the mod pack or something thats in game. I would 100% recommend this hosting service to other people who want to create a server that them and their mates can use.

  • minecraft
    Gary Tran Minecraft 6G - May 18, 2023

    Everything is fast and easy to navigate through

  • minecraft
    joshua brookes Minecraft 3G - May 18, 2023

    great server no problems

  • minecraft
    Nurhan Abulcai Minecraft 1.5G - May 18, 2023

    Very nice no lag

  • project-zomboid
    Wojciech Dziąbor Project Zomboid 4.5G - May 18, 2023

    You guys are AWESOME! Anytime I needed a testing server to fix the conflicts or issues I was having, you always supported me and provided me with what I needed. I am and I will be recommending your services to all of my friends. Thank you for being AWESOME! PS. You might consider making a "test server" a feature. For example, anyone who has a subscription can rent a test server, free of charge for 72h. This will only be a testing server, where they can test out if newly added mods or settings will cause conflicts and potentially troubleshoot them before they apply the same changes to their main server. The test server could be extended ONCE, for another 72h if needed, but after that time it would be deleted and anything on it would also be deleted. This is to ensure no one abuses it for hosting 2nd server free of charge. This has helped me a lot, and I very much appreciate that. I believe that if you would advertise that feature, it will get you a lot of new clients.