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  • rust
    Eric Park Rust 150 slots - July 25, 2021
    Easy to use, love the interface.
  • minecraft
    sammy dean Minecraft VPS 1.5G - July 25, 2021
    This was a very good server for its low price! I used it a lot to play with friends!
  • ark
    Ryan Martinez ARK 20 slots - July 25, 2021
    First time using ScalaCube and i must say I'm impressed. I can easily access and update my server, change settings, and take control in the matter of seconds. The server boots up fast and I have yet to have any issues with this company. Id recommend using scalecube for all your server needs!!!!
  • ark
    Max T ARK 20 slots - July 25, 2021
    good server
  • minecraft
    karie zz Minecraft VPS 8G - July 24, 2021
    very good
  • minecraft
    adrien haghighat Minecraft VPS 8G - July 24, 2021
    very nice hosting service.
  • minecraft
    ramiro salinas rodriguez Minecraft VPS 4.5G - July 24, 2021
    cheaper than other server services, very good support and going quite well
  • valheim
    Austin Asbury Valheim - July 24, 2021
    One thing I know for sure; when it comes to Valheim servers or ANY game server from ScalaCube literally has it all. i have rented many servers in my day and ScalaCube is simply the best. great specs, easy setup, friendly UI control panel, FTP, ect
  • minecraft
    Kendrick Roche Minecraft VPS 4.5G - July 24, 2021
    Great server
  • minecraft
    annalise waifia Minecraft VPS 4.5G - July 24, 2021
    Was looking for a server provider that could run at all times but had plugins. Scalacube did this great as you just select what you want to use and installing plugins is easy as the config files as stored online. Used their video tutorials which were informative and very helpful. My server has been running for a couple weeks now and is smoothly :)
  • minecraft
    Lasse Schmidt Hansen Minecraft VPS 8G - July 24, 2021
    i have been hosting minecraft and ark and the sever was Great for both not really any lag
  • minecraft
    matthew ;pwery Minecraft VPS 8G - July 24, 2021
    very easy to implement already supported modpacks and generally smooth play
  • ark
    Gregorius Pramda ARK 20 slots - July 24, 2021
  • ark
    Michael Mack ARK 20 slots - July 24, 2021
    great server hosting i bought a server after seeing how it was
  • minecraft
    Miguel Herrera Minecraft VPS 6G - July 23, 2021
    Easy to use, Works great for big sessions.
  • minecraft
    MONEY MADE Minecraft VPS 8G - July 23, 2021
    Good TPN, tech support
  • minecraft
    Alan Simpson Minecraft VPS 8G - July 23, 2021
    Very easy to set up, very functional, great service
  • minecraft
    Bernardo Flores Minecraft VPS 4.5G - July 23, 2021
    Had 0-no problems as of yet!
  • valheim
    charlie saxon Valheim - July 23, 2021
    Great customer service they always reply to my silly questions within a day or so and the servers usually never have issues
  • minecraft
    Zane Walters Minecraft VPS 1.5G - July 23, 2021
  • minecraft
    Alan Moreno Minecraft VPS 3G - July 23, 2021
    Great and simple way to start up a server!
  • minecraft
    Cody Iv Minecraft VPS 8G - July 22, 2021
    The price is one of the cheapest Minecraft server hosting I could find but that doesn't represent the quality of the service at all! it's great for a few friends to play together without any hassle
  • minecraft-pe
    Daniel Fine Minecraft PE VPS 16G - July 22, 2021
    Host is great! I would recommend to everyone who asked me for a host that has amazing support and good pricing!
  • minecraft
    Joe Welch Minecraft VPS 6G - July 22, 2021
    Amazing Service with an awesome user interface! Had our modded server up in minutes. I especially love how you can host multiple servers from one place by splitting up the storage and RAM allocation for those times you fancy going back to plain old vanilla!
  • minecraft
    jedwin lozada Minecraft VPS 3G - July 22, 2021
    Easy to use and doesnt lag like most web hosting