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  • minecraft
    kri Q Minecraft VPS 4.5G - October 11, 2021
    I like this host due to the simplicity of access to the FTP and Console.
  • minecraft
    Tarran Deus Minecraft VPS 6G - October 11, 2021
    This service is incredibly easy to use. I have almost no experience with server hosting, and I was able to setup a modded minecraft server for my friends in minutes.
  • minecraft
    Brycen Hoy Minecraft VPS 6G - October 11, 2021
    Runs very smoothly and at a great price!
  • valheim
    Alexander Dixon Valheim - October 10, 2021
    Have not had a single issue since paying for the server, uptime is good, no lag - easy to set up and make adjustments to.
  • minecraft
    Joshua Martinez Minecraft VPS 3G - October 10, 2021
    I downloaded this to play Farming Valley, so I only bought the 3GB plan. It has been really easy to work with, and I will be continuing to use scalacube for servers.
  • minecraft
    yanis dessalles Minecraft VPS 6G - October 10, 2021
    honestly the server hosting is really good, when i've got a problem, the support answer and help me really quickly and the website is quite easy to use.
  • minecraft
    Anton Svedin Minecraft VPS 6G - October 10, 2021
    This is the first hosting server that doest lag and it works great
  • valheim
    Jack Heglund Valheim - October 10, 2021
    Great server, easy to use and a great value! Ping is a little high but I live in a more rural area so 100ms ping isn't out of this world to be honest. Friends easily connect and I 100% suggest using Valheim+ it is super easy to install, safe and makes the game more accessible for new players and allows the server owner much more control over their server!
  • minecraft
    Zack Sandoval Minecraft VPS 4.5G - October 10, 2021
    server was up and running quickly after purchase and support tickets are answered quickly
  • minecraft
    Raymond Ramos Minecraft VPS 3G - October 09, 2021
    It works perfectly!
  • minecraft
    Roman Hayes Minecraft VPS 8G - October 09, 2021
    Literally by far the best server provider ever with a good combination of cost and value. Very minor amount of lag that doesn't happen often at all and amazing mod support.
  • rust
    Arthur Ohman Rust 150 slots - October 09, 2021
    I would say the possibilities are endless when you can change everything so easy with just the touch of a button! And the interface makes it so much better. Easy controls, easy setup and the whole thing is just great! Payment went through quick etc.
  • rust
    maxim leplae Rust 150 slots - October 09, 2021
    Im super happy about the server host! no lag and if i need help they reply almost instantly. the BEST server host out there
  • minecraft
    Kovacs Gábor Minecraft VPS 4.5G - October 09, 2021
    very good host, no lagg, good ping, low price.
  • valheim
    Joao Dos Santos Valheim - October 09, 2021
    Very satisfied with my purchase and their hosting. Support got back to issues very quick. Would buy server again
  • valheim
    Bruce Anisco Valheim - October 09, 2021
    Better connection/experience than the old one. Thank you for the solution. We're good to make this permanent. Okay to delete the old server. Excellent and timely customer support. Thank you Team!
  • minecraft
    Mauricio Perez Minecraft VPS 4.5G - October 08, 2021
    very pog
  • ark
    Anais Robertson ARK 20 slots - October 08, 2021
    Seems really well made, there are a lot of hiccups and a learning curve to the server but it's mostly a user error not a server problem.
  • minecraft
    Brandon Parker Minecraft VPS 12G - October 08, 2021
    I think the servers are Great! there is no lag, amazing variety and lots of different servers like forge spigot paper and much more!
  • minecraft
    Elaiza jheniz Cuenca Minecraft 3G - FREE - October 08, 2021
  • minecraft-pe
    Cody Freeman Minecraft PE VPS 1.5G - October 08, 2021
    It’s a great server
  • minecraft
    Mark Amaya Minecraft VPS 8G - October 07, 2021
    love this server great service tbh and i enjoy using this for all my minecraft mod needs
  • minecraft
    Carlos Blandon Minecraft VPS 8G - October 07, 2021
    its good
  • minecraft
    Michael Pate Minecraft VPS 4.5G - October 07, 2021
    Scala Cube is a great and affordable way to host your Minecraft server. It also has Modded server accessibility so you can use whatever mod pack you chose to host with friends.
  • minecraft
    Rustam Adelbaev Minecraft VPS 3G - October 07, 2021
    + the best support + no lags on server + many type or minecraft servers - no repay for new server.