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  • minecraft
    Cody Johnston Minecraft VPS 6G - November 20, 2020
    No issues whatsoever, highly recommend!
  • minecraft
    Andreas Tapanides Minecraft VPS 4.5G - November 20, 2020
    Server is very good no lag at all
  • minecraft
    martins bondar Minecraft VPS 768 MB - November 19, 2020
  • rust
    Larry Reppert Rust 100 slots - November 19, 2020
    I have used several services to host RUST servers in the past, This includes personal servers at home as well as Nitrado hosting. The service that ScalaCube offers is superior to those options, I have over 50 Mods loaded in this server while maintaining a 200++ fps in server. The game experience is MUCH better than other providers in my opinion don't waste your money on anything else, a poor experience isn't worth your time, effort and money. The features that I have used with Features: *****Dedicated IP *****Hourly Backup *****Reliable uptime 24/7 *****Ftp, Rcon,Web Management Connect-ability *****Direct access to the rust server Files, for modification. *****Automatic Rust Server, Oxide Modding, and Updating both. I have not had a better Hosting provider for RUST period. The time it takes to setup a Rust server it only makes since to invest your time and money in a reliable service. Don't believe me join my Rust Server on steam, just search LUFFYS, The proof is in the Gameplay.
  • minecraft-pe
    Alexander Torres Minecraft PE VPS 768 MB - November 19, 2020
    I'm really enjoying the freedom Scalacube offers, I'm so happy I ran into such a great, affordable service!
  • minecraft
    jacobie gillette Minecraft VPS 4.5G - November 19, 2020
    i have nothing bad to say about this company I've been able to play with my friends on Minecraft and nothing bad has happen would recommend
  • minecraft
    Giel Coninx Minecraft VPS 3G - November 19, 2020
    Havent played SUPER much but te erver runs smootly, nice interface here on the website and nice support
  • minecraft
    Adam Castellanos Minecraft VPS 768 MB - November 19, 2020
    Amazing Quality Servers! Cheap Aswell, I Was Looking At Other Websites, None Compare To ScalaCube's Hosting!
  • ark
    Joseph Gossel ARK 10 slots - November 19, 2020
    This is my second Ark server. The site is very easy to use and manage. The server manager is VERY easy to use! The ping stays around 30-80 and the only shutter I get is graphical even though I run 17 mods! I couldn't find a better hosting service fro the cost!
  • minecraft
    [email protected] cairns Minecraft VPS 4.5G - November 19, 2020
    i think it very handy and easy to use there is no lag
  • ark
    Jacob Zolna ARK 10 slots - November 19, 2020
    No lag at all, Server loads up quickly even with a few mods installed, Website is easy to use 5/5.
  • minecraft
    Caleb Frisch Minecraft VPS 4.5G - November 18, 2020
    Some issues serverwide, but they were momentary and this is the best server host ive worked with currently
  • minecraft
    Emrah Yesiltepe Minecraft VPS 4.5G - November 18, 2020
    had no dramas at all, server runs perfect with no lag what more could i ask for its 10/10
  • minecraft
    Anthony Cool Minecraft VPS 1.5G - November 18, 2020
    I really like the server setting since its easy.
  • minecraft
    nick brogil Minecraft VPS 6G - November 17, 2020
    It is so good it runs so fast thank you God.
  • rust
    Jeremy Malais Rust 100 slots - November 17, 2020
    So far so good with this rented Rust server which allows for oxide mods and had expandability for a relatively low price.
  • minecraft
    Sam Matthews Minecraft VPS 4.5G - November 17, 2020
    servers are really good for Modded smps
  • minecraft
    Gabrielle Di Minecraft VPS 6G - November 16, 2020
    It's really amazing! I, however, AM still trying to understand a lot of things haha
  • minecraft
    Michael Lee Minecraft VPS 6G - November 16, 2020
    Very good server.
  • minecraft
    Emilio Mora Minecraft VPS 6G - November 15, 2020
    Love the server hosting so far!
  • rust
    anthony tomei Rust 100 slots - November 15, 2020
    it is sooooo good
  • minecraft
    toaster party Minecraft VPS 3G - November 14, 2020
    wonderful! easy purchase, easy setup, helpful tutorials, and now my friends arent complaining about the TPS, which was averaging 17, on the old host i used. now, its a straight 20! definitely will recommend to others.
  • ark
    ian dudley ARK 10 slots - November 14, 2020
    server works, can turn off and on easily. i like it
  • rust
    callum jarvis Rust 100 slots - November 14, 2020
    Fairly easy to understand the control panel and support is for the most part very helpful. Would be nice if they could help more with sever plug-ins.
  • minecraft
    luke raggo Minecraft VPS 4.5G - November 13, 2020