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What Is Palworld?

Palworld is an open-world, action-adventure survival video game developed by the Japanese video game developer Pocket Pair. In this game, players will take the role of a main protagonist who can fight against or capture Pals to use as the assistance base building, moving around, and fighting. Palworld can be played either solo or online by up to 32 players on one server. The game was announced in 2021 and was officially released in January 2024 with early access for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and the Xbox Series X/S.

The firearm-based game featuring equippable Pals has today been christened 'Pokémon With Guns' due to its ability to tout humorous threads. Also, other aspects, like using creatures for food or putting them into service in the mines and factories, have been of interest. The game immediately became a hit, over four million copies were sold in the first three days of early access, and journalists and players noted it positively.