Ark: Survival Evolved

How to Join An ARK Survival Evolved Server

This guide will show you the required steps to go from purchasing a server to connecting to it.

How to Uninstall ARK Mods

When your mods are out of date or are not functioning correctly, it might not always help when just removing the installed mods from the command line.

How to Set Your ARK Server From PVP to PVE

Changing your server from PVP to PVE is simple

How to Enable Primitive+ Total Conversion Mod for ARK

Primitive+ is a free DLC that changes the tools, structures, and weapons to offer a different type of gameplay.

How to Setup RCON for ARK

Requirements: ARKON tool for ARK.

How to Fix ARK "Unable to query server info for invite"

The most common issue for this error happens because a player is attempting to connect to the server directly via the Steam server list.

How to Become An Admin In ARK

Your server should be online and be able to be accessed to make yourself an admin.

How To Enable ARK Events

Events on ARK are a special occasion that brings in multiple new themes depending on the season

How to Use ARK Custom Map

Changing your ARK map

How to Setup ARK Crossplay

With the addition of Epic Games launcher providing ARK

How to Change Your ARK Server Difficulty

When playing ARK for a while, you might feel that you are not experiencing all you can from your gaming experience

How to Disable BattlEye On Your ARK Server

Guide on how to disable Battleye

How to Reset Your ARK Server

How to reset ARK server easily within a few steps.

How to Set A Server Password On Your ARK Server

Having a password on your server allows you to restrict access to only those who are aware of the password

How to Add Mods To Your ARK Server

ARK Survival evolved enables the addition of mods onto your server.

How To Join An ARK Server Via IP (Steam)

Guide for ark joining via steam

How To Manage ARK Survival Evolved Configuration Files

Changing the configuration settings of your ARK server allows you to change your gameplay by modifying values and creating a more customized game.

How to Change Your ARK Survival Evolved Map

If you are a regular ARK player and have adventured all there is on your existing map

How to Make an ARK Server

ARK is an open-world action-adventure survival game filled with dinosaurs, monsters, and other hostile human players.

How to join an ARK server via IP (Epic Games)

To join your game server via an Epic Games ARK game client, create a single player game, open console (click Tab) and type: open IP:PORT password (enter password if exists).

How To Setup An ARK Server Cluster

How To Setup An ARK Server Cluster

How to Become Admin in Ark

How to Become Admin in Ark