How to Download Valheim Server World

Downloading a copy of your Valheim world from your server allows you to keep it as a backup in case an issue happens.

How to Change Server Name In Valheim

A server name allows you to stand out to you and other players allowing easy identification on which server is yours.

How to Enable Valheim Devcommands

How to Enable Valheim Devcommands

How To Setup Valheim Whitelist

Setting up a Valheim Whitelist allows connections from users who are on the list.

How To Setup Valheim Plus

Valheim + is a modification added to the vanilla version of the game

How to Upload Existing Valheim World

When you have been playing before and would like to keep playing on your existing world

How to Update Your Valheim Server

This guide will show you how it can be done quickly.

How to Connect To Valheim Servers

Logging in to your Valheim server

How to Change Valheim Server Password

Adding a password to your Valheim server allows you to only have users connected

How to Become An Admin in Valheim

Making yourself an admin on your server allows you to use different administrative commands