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Space Engineers Server Hosting

Space Engineers server hosting is one of the services provided by ScalaCube, a well-known provider of game server hosting. Reliable and inexpensive hosting, round-the-clock technical support, DDoS protection, mod support, FTP access, and a user-friendly control panel are just a few advantages of utilizing ScalaCube for Space Engineers server hosting. Additionally, we provide a free-forever plan, which is a fantastic way to try the service.

One-click installation of more than 1000 different modpacks is available on ScalaCube's Space Engineers server hosting, offering a fluid gaming experience. The servers offer low latency and top-notch hardware, ensuring players experience seamless gameplay without lag, making them perfect for online gaming. We also give full access to the files, which makes it simple to modify the server to your preferences.

Another benefit of utilizing ScalaCube for Space Engineers server hosting is that we have a range of plans designed for various demands and price points, ranging from $2.50 to $96 per month. These options include limitless servers and slots, DDoS protection, complete file access, and multiple servers. Additionally, we offer VPS plans with dedicated resources that include a range of features, including memory, CPU, and disk space.

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What is Space Engineers Game?

Independent Czech developer Keen Software House created and released the voxel-based sandbox game Space Engineers. From its 2013 early access debut on Steam, the game has sold over 3.5 million copies by 2019. Players create space ships, space stations, planetary outposts, and wheeled vehicles of all sizes and uses (civil and military) as they explore, engineer, build, and survive in space. In the game, players can investigate planets, journey through space, and gather resources to survive and thrive. Players can also design, develop, build, manage, and operate space structures and vehicles in the game, which is characterized by inventiveness and exploration.

Played in single-player or multiplayer modes, extraterrestrial Engineers is a block-based sandbox game that replicates extraterrestrial landscapes. Additionally, it has programmable blocks, which let players run own scripts to communicate with any other block in the game. The voyage itself serves as the game's ultimate objective, allowing players to design their own experience in the absence of a clear endpoint or campaign. With the addition of additional scenarios, factions, NPCs, and planets, Space Engineers has undergone considerable modifications and changes.