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Conan Exiles is a video game in which the player must enter a hostile realm on their own, work their way up, and fight off adversaries to live.

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What Is Conan Exiles?

Conan Exiles is an online game set in the world of Conan the Barbarian. In this game, players take on the role of exiles, who are people who have been banished from their homeland and are trying to survive in a hostile land. The game is set in the fictional land of Hyboria, which is based on the works of Robert E. Howard.

You will be given the option to either create a new character or use a pre-made one. It is recommended that you create a new character so that you can experience the customization options available.

The game has two different modes: singleplayer and multiplayer. In singleplayer mode, players will play through the story of Conan Exiles, which follows Conan as he tries to survive in the wilderness and find his way back to his homeland. In multiplayer mode, players will be able to join up with other players and form clans. Clans will be able to compete against each other in various PvPvE activities.

The difficulty levels are as follows:

  • easy - For those who want to take it slow and enjoy the story without too much combat.
  • medium - A good balance between story and combat. This is the recommended difficulty for most players.
  • hard - More difficult than medium, but still manageable. This setting is for players who want more of a challenge.
  • expert - The most difficult setting for experienced players who want a real challenge.

After you make make Conan Exiles server, you will enjoy an over-the-shoulder view for combat and a first-person view for exploration. It will also feature a dynamic weather system, day/night cycles, and a fully destructible environment.