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As far as video games go, The Forest is somewhat dated. For this reason, the requirements for the gear in the forest are not very stringent. These are the barest minimums needed to play the game and make The Forest server runs smoothly:

However, The Forest server's needs are greater. A quad-core processor, 8 GB of RAM, and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 video card are the bare minimums for running a dedicated server.
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What Is The Forest?

The Forest is a game about a plane crash survivor who must survive in a forest full of cannibalistic mutants. The player must build shelter, find food and water, and defend themselves from the mutants. The game is set in first person perspective and uses procedural generation to create the forest environment. The player can also choose to play in survival mode, where they must survive for as long as possible, or story mode, which has a set number of days to survive.

The video game was created and is distributed by Endnight Games, and it is a first-person survival horror experience. The protagonist of the game wakes up in the aftermath of a plane crash on a remote, heavily forested peninsula. The player must survive against environmental dangers and aggressive, deadly creatures that come out at night.

To stay alive, the player must gather food and water, chop down trees for wood to build shelter and weapons, and light fires to keep warm and ward off predators. The player can also choose to crafting traps to kill or capture enemies. As the game progresses, the player will unlock new crafting recipes by reading notes left behind by other survivors.

The goal of the game is to escape the peninsula by building a raft and sailing away from it. Alternatively, the player can try to find a way back to civilization by following a series of radio towers that lead deeper into the woods. The Forest is an open-world sandbox game with no set objectives or linear progression. Players are free to explore and survive in the forest at their own pace. Get your cheap The Forest server hosting today!