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What is Minecraft SMP

What is SMP in Minecraft? SMP is an abbreviation for Survival Multiplayer, and it is one of the new ways Minecraft users are enjoying the game as a community.

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What are Glow Squids

What Are Glow Squids in Minecraft? In Minecraft, glow squids are rare mobs that resemble ordinary squids but glow and drop unique goodies.

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Shipwrecks in Minecraft

What Are Minecraft Shipwrecks? The Minecraft Shipwreck is a unique naturally produced structure with three chests and various loot and treasure maps!

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Sculk Blocks in Minecraft

What Are Sculk Blocks in Minecraft? Sculk blocks are blocks that may be found in the Deep Dark Biomes of the Overworld in Minecraft.

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Pumpkins in Minecraft

What Are Pumpkins in Minecraft? Pumpkins are a multifunctional block in Minecraft that may be used to produce food and other useful products.

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Potions in Minecraft

What Are Potions in Minecraft? Potions in Minecraft are utilized to boost a player's powers to assist them battle their way through the Minecraft universe.

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Piglins in Minecraft

What Are Piglins in Minecraft? A piglin is a neutral Nether creature that becomes hostile unless the player is wearing at least one golden armor item.

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Paintings in Minecraft

What Are Paintings in Minecraft? Paintings are decorative blocks that may be placed on walls in Minecraft.

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Name Tags in Minecraft

What Are Name Tags in Minecraft? A name tag is a useful item in Minecraft that lets you give names to animals like cows, horses, villagers.

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Minecraft's Depth Strider

What is Depth Strider in Minecraft? Depth Strider is a Minecraft Java and Bedrock enchantment that allows players to walk more quickly underwater.

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