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The eagerly awaited sequel, The Forest 2: Sons of the Forest, builds on the popular open-world survival horror game, The Forest. The plot of the first game is continued in this sequel, which throws players into a new, terrifying adventure full of mutant animals, impenetrable jungles, and the constant desire to survive.

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What is The Forest 2: Sons of the Forest?

A survival horror game called The Forest 2: Sons of the Forest was created by Endnight Games Ltd. as a follow-up to The Forest. The protagonist of the game crashes landed on Site 2, a mysterious wilderness full with perils and cannibalistic tribes, while looking for a lost millionaire. The game's open world is four times bigger than the one in the predecessor, and it is roughly based on the Site 2 area that was briefly revealed at the conclusion of the predecessor.

The building system in Sons of the Forest is composed of two interconnected systems. The first of these lets players construct constructions at will by placing single logs, sticks, and stones, while the second operates in a somewhat different manner.

Players can now explore the game's world in many seasons, each with its own set of difficulties, according to the game's dynamic season system.

Sons of the Forest contains more sophisticated AI systems than the previous game and lets players encounter various cannibalistic tribes, each with its own specialties. The game's sanity mechanic plays a role in determining how well a player can interact with its world.

On February 23, 2023, Sons of the Forest was made available in Early Access. Because the game is still in early access, the general plot could alter as additional updates are made. The game has seen several substantial changes as of Patch 02, including the removal of the bunker luxury's keypad door and the inclusion of a new subterranean network.