Enshrouded: A Survival Action RPG for Up to 16 Players

We love giving players the ability to play Enshrouded with friends or other players online. Enshrouded is a cooperative survival crafting action RPG that can host up to 16 players on one world. You can explore, fight, build, and shape the terrain of a vast, beautiful kingdom corrupted by an evil fog, the Shroud.

By hosting your own server you can get the full control over the setting of the game like world size, fog density, difficulty and such. Alongside, you are getting an opportunity for inviting or banning players, taking backups as per choice and creating the servers with your name and description of what you feel like. Hosting your own server also attests that no matter what could be the circumstances at any moment, your world is available, live, and online should you not a part of it.

The use of hosting your own server method for Enshrouded basically boils down to two ways: opting either to employ a dedicated server tool or simply hosting through third-party hosting services. ScalaCube makes this process very easy.

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What is Enshrouded?

Enshrouded is a cooperative survival crafting action RPG, where you experience the adventure of reclaiming a fallen kingdom from an evil fog. You are Flameborn, the last ember of hope of a dying race. You must awaken from your slumber, survive the terror of the Shroud, and restore the lost beauty of your realm.

Enshrouded is a massive open world that can provide you with the chances to explore with as many as 16 players in co-op mode. The unique biomes, each with its kind of enemies, resources and secrets for you to discover in your adventures. The legendary artisans await in order to share their skills and give recipes on how to master them.

Enshrouded also features a deep crafting system where you can craft weapons, armor, tools, potions and more. Building grand halls, shaping the terrain of your homestead, and populating it with various building materials, terraforming tools and their knowledge creates an engaging experience. You can customize your character with many different outfits, hairstyles, tattoos and accessories.

Enshrouded also challenges you with a dynamic combat which really needs for some strategy and skill. You can hit by melee weapons, fire by ranged or by using magic spells, put traps to finish wild beasts and fearsome bosses. You are able to level your character up and unlock new abilities in the huge skill-tree.