Prepare for ARK 2 Launch!
Studio Wildcard and Snail Games are working together to make the next video game, ARK 2. It's the follow-up to 2017's wildly successful survival game ARK: Survival Evolved.The game is expected to launch very soon on Steam and Xbox!
What ARK 2 Has to Offer

The survivors of ARK 2 face off against hostile monsters and each other in a post-apocalyptic setting. The game offers an enormous open world for players to investigate, with a wide variety of conditions from which to pick, including deserts and wildernesses. It's up to the player to ensure their character's survival by gathering materials, constructing a safe haven, and making the means of protection.

Taming and riding dinosaurs, dragons, and other fantastic beasts is a central component of ARK 2. In this cruel world, players can band together to establish tribes and fight for their survival. There is also a story-driven campaign option for solo gamers to experience.

When compared to its predecessor, this game's visuals are a huge step up, with breathtaking effects and intricate character models. Moreover, a new engine has been implemented, which should make for more fluid gameplay and improved performance.

The voice cast for ARK 2 will include Hollywood heavyweights like Vin Diesel, Gerard Butler, and David Tennant. Gareth Coker, whose previous work includes the soundtracks for Ori and the Blind Forest and Minecraft, will be composing the game's music.

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Final Thoughts

Those who appreciate survival and adventure games will find ARK 2 to be a thrilling and engaging experience. The game's amazing visuals, boundless universe, and the ability to tame and ride a variety of creatures should make it popular with players.