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Ah zombies. The shuffling, biting, morally absent members of the horror community. We make stories about them, they’re the foot soldiers of the oncoming apocalypse, and they’re in Minecraft. But, probably not in the way that you’re thinking when it comes to this mod.

Nope, this is an apocalypse, ladies and gents. You’re going to be overrun, constantly hiding from hordes of zombies and desperately trying to scrape enough supplies together to survive one more day. It is literally the end of the world, and you need to try and figure out what to do to survive the growing numbers of infected and stay alive.

Now let’s be clear about something - you’re going to be challenged quite a lot here kids. This isn’t like your dad’s Minecraft where the only issue was the creepers. There are so many zombies to deal with, and supplies are about as thin as you can get. It’s a real trip to try and stay on top of everything and so the pressure is on to make sure that you are performing at your best from one moment to the next.

Technically, the mod pack is well made, and suffers from none of those annoying little issues that you get from poor quality builds. This is smooth and responsive, and the way that it has been programmed lends itself well to playing a good zombie experience. The difficulty spike isn’t massively unfair so much as it is rewarding to those players who stick it out and try to progress.

There’s quite a bit to appreciate here, in all honesty. You’ve got an environment which is constantly coming under siege from storms, which really helps with creating a gruesome and abysmal environment. The tension is really palpable here which is nice because people love to feel the excitement in the air whenever possible.

Thankfully, there are both magic and technological options at work here and you can pick freely between the two. You don’t have to worry about whether or not you can access certain resources because eventually they will become available. Of course, neither one is a guaranteed survival tool. If you’re going to worry about beaten eaten, don’t - the chances of it happening are the same whether you’ve made yourself a tool or a magic wand!

So is this an experience you should check out? Oh yeah, definitely. There is a lot to enjoy and appreciate here. All of the typical zombie Apocalypse mechanics are present and correct, which makes for a great experience. The difficulty is tricky in places but it’s also rewarding when you crack it completely and figure out how best to survive. The end goal is to flourish, and can you do it? A lot of people simply struggle or run out of resources. It’s a challenge when the zombies don’t stop coming, and you need to juggle the few supplies you have well to make sure that you do not run out or risk losing a large chunk of your tools.

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Nathan Potter
Server's are easy to setup and ready to spin up at any point! Would highly recommend this platform.
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