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If there’s one thing that Minecraft can do with having more of, its dragons. And why not? Dragons are mythical, elemental creatures. They’re powerful, aggressive, majestic - they’re just cool. Whether you’re riding one into battle or locked in an epic struggle with a mighty beast, there’s definitely something absolutely awesome about dragons. So when someone set out to make a mod pack like it, people were understandably quite pleased with the outcome.

Made by a former Veteran of the United States Army, this modpack features quite a few dragons. As one might expect, they are the focus of the mod, and so a lot of gameplay and mechanics are modified and retooled to incorporate them.

Almost immediately, there is a sense of mediaeval adventure for people to experience. The mod promises exciting adventures in exploring and battling dragons, finding ancient ruins, and becoming the ruler of a kingdom. It’s all pretty interesting stuff, and it really helps to change up what used to be the stereotypical formula for something like this, giving it a new perspective while still being faithful was the original idea of adventure.

Given we live in a world which puts a lot of emphasis on modernising things, to go back to this sort of fundamental principle of hunting and protecting is quite interesting. Most mods tend to feature a lot of modernisation. They create industrial materials, towering skyscrapers, and things which just don’t look at home in the Minecraft universe. But this is different. This sort of place quite well with the idea of Minecraft being a sort of peaceful time, and so it gives you access to resources that you may not necessarily have had before while establishing old favourites.

This is definitely a mod which you should take a look at. Including dragons into the equation was potentially a bit of a risky move, but it is one which we feel is ultimately pay off. There really is a palpable sense of adventure and spirit in the game, with absolutely no general direction. The choices that you make are your own, with all the consequences and benefits that come from those decisions being yours to experience. If you make the wrong decision, you might lose a fight with a dragon. But if you make the right decision, your kingdom will prosper.

What this mod is really about is capturing the essence of adventure. You aren’t just responsible for your own life anymore. You’re responsible for the growth and prosperity of the kingdom, and that’s quite a lot to think about when you make a decision. You don’t want to impact the lives of the people around you, but you want to try and drive forward for the sake of progress. It’s interesting to think about, and it is one that we would definitely recommend you take a look at. Whether you just want to build a kingdom or find a dragon, there is definitely something for everyone

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Steven Robbins
This server has ran the two mod packs I'm currently playing without any performance issues so far.
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