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Our Village in the Valley Server Hosting has a simple one click install for over 1000 unique modpacks.

When a lot of people sit down and creating Minecraft mods park, they tend to focus on a handful of the same things. Generally, the focus is on pushing the software beyond what it was meant to do, and giving what can be quieter very vanilla experience quite a lot of depth and creativity and modern technology. However, some people just want to go in the opposite direction. They’re not interested in big towering structures, or advanced circuits that take half an hour to set up just to drive a minecart forward in a different way. Instead, they just want to make sure that there’s a nice, quiet village located away from everything else where people can just kick back and relax. That’s where Village in the Valley really shines.

There’s not an attempt to reinvent the wheel here, but instead build on the pre-existing mechanics that exist within Minecraft. There is a real emphasis on making sure that people have a positive experience here, and the mod pack does reflect this quite well. You see, there’s a lot of mods here which enhance pre-existing mechanics. They add a lot of depth which can be quite a good thing, but the complexity doesn’t amp up to scale which is, in all honesty, quite a nice thing. There’s definitely a lot of people out there who wish, quite honestly, that they could have a smoother experience without having to compromise on the simple principles of the game. Now, you can.

Whether there are mods to smooth out the graphics a little bit, mods to add additional furniture and animals, and then further mods to help smooth them down so they look like they belong in that village. There is everything you could want here for looking badass and ready to show off, and it’s pretty majestic. Building a village, or adding to an existing one has always been a point of pride for players - it’s their chance to really showcase what they can do and the things that they create. You can’t possibly begin to imagine what means to some people. They have a chance to really propel themselves and their servers.

To be honest, the limitations of what you can do aren’t really there anymore. You have very few limits to speak of, which is good for when you want to be able to push yourself past the limits. What’s nice about this is that in a lot of ways, this is just like vanilla Minecraft. You still mine and build and grind for resources, but the focus is on making something quiet and detached in the city, instead of something big and industrial. It’s a nice change from all the mods which emphasise bigger and bigger. You can settle back for a simple life of trading with villagers, building homes and growing crops. It’s exactly what Minecraft was always meant to be and it’s very attractive in that regard. So give it a go, you might just like it.

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Jerome Williamson
Love this service, beats having to run a server from your own computer, there's no lag and pretty fluid
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