Standard Minecraft 1.15.2 Server Hosting

Standard Minecraft 1.15.2

How To Make Standard Minecraft 1.15.2 Server

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Dylan Eudy
So far, I've been impressed with SCalacube. They're a tad pricier than most companies, I will admit that freely, but they have excellent customer support, their hardware seems rock solid, and the ability to add in any single mods you want to a minecraft java installation is an amazing thing to have. That's why I went with Scalacube, the fact I could add in mods myself instead of being restricted to just official modpacks, and also having so many slots for the price, it just made sense to me. I haven't experienced any downtime, and I even had the option to set my server up to reboot daily (even hourly!), and it just has tons of control, almost as much as bare metal hardware.