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Our Standard Minecraft 1.11.2 Server Hosting has a simple one click install for over 1000 unique modpacks.

Minecraft 1.11.2 was one of the last updates that was released in 2016, and proved to be very helpful in correcting some of the major issues that were plaguing the game at that point.

1.11.2 primarily focused on correcting and changing some of the bugs that cropped up during 1.11.1, and seem to focus a lot on player versus player combat, as well as interactions with mobs.

Some of the important updates that were introduced during this particular update include the correction of arrows bouncing around when moving or not moving, zombie spawning problems, the decreased attack range of blaze mobs, interaction with certain types of blocks not being tracked properly, mobs not spawning in properly, and player versus player combat not functioning in the way that it should.

Ultimately, 1.11.2 did what it was supposed to do in the sense that it cleaned up any of the problems that may have occurred during 1.11.1. A lot of these problems have been present before 1.11.1 was released, but they were only made worse in the face of new software and abilities. As the game evolved, these problems became more and more commonplace, as well as much more difficult to deal with.

Ultimately, this particular version of the getting released to great effect, because it proved that a lot of the big problems could be easily fixed. Mobs now spawned in with much more regularity and behaved a lot more predictably, and player versus player combat that was fixed now that shields could actually be disabled using axes.

Ultimately, it meant that Minecraft could grow and develop, which gave a lot of unique benefits and assets to people who were looking to get a more in-depth and unique experience.

Mobs particularly were proving to be a problem in the world of Minecraft, because even though they were there and functional, occasionally they would not behave in the correct way, or simply behave in a way that did not work with the game. As such, a lot of the fixes in this update focused on the behaviour of maps, their spawn patterns, and making sure that they performed properly.

This went down well, and meant that mobs became an even more welcome part of the game, especially in the face of ever-growing updates and benefits to the gameplay.

In conclusion, while the updates of 1.11.2 were not particularly massive, they did help to clear up a lot of irritating issues that were becoming quite common in the world. Thankfully, it became easier to work with the different options available once people understood that the mobs could be programmed to work better. This was an update that was released to considerable applause, and really helped to make Minecraft much more playable as a game. It’s not a stretch to speculate that if these corrections have been made, people would not be happy to this very day.

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