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Well, congratulations. You took a trip into space and you’re one of the unlucky ones that was on the crashed ship! Rather than perish in the impact like the others, you managed to survive. With limited resources, a growing sense of impending doom and your wits, you need to try and get back home if you ever want to see your beloved family members or pets again.

Sound appealing? If so, you’ll like Space Engineers. It’s an expert modpack which has been built as a survival experience. You’re stranded on an unknown world, with limited resources, and you’ve got to try and get back home safely. The emergency resources from the ship are all you start with, and you go from there. The dev team have helpfully implemented some quests to give you that real sense of accomplishment, and also to generate some helpful goals for the player to work towards.

The difficulty spike isn’t incredibly tough, but you’ll need to make sure you really focus on collecting ore in the mid game to make sure you can build the supplies needed to fix the rocket and go back home. After all, survival games tend to have a higher reward for actually surviving, so it’s worth investing in the grind and being sensible about how you move around and interact with the environment. Remember, everything you do will impact your supplies, so think before you go charging off into the unknown.

Technically, the mod is pretty good, with no massive issues when it comes to lag or latency. You get a fluid and clean response from start to finish, and the survival mechanics are realistically implemented from start to finish. You can tell that this was something that was well implemented from beginning to end. The emphasis on making sure that you had a fair yet realistic experience does shine here, and if you’ve got the right PC with the right specs, you’ll do well with this.

So survival is one of the dominant elements as you can probably tell. But it’s how you introduce those elements which will make all the difference. The way that you choose to survive and what you put emphasis on will determine the way that your experience plays out. People are well-accustomed to making sure that they manage resources in Minecraft anyway, but this is on a whole new level which is quite interesting to see.

So, Minecraft fans, it’s time to see what you can do. Space Engineers is a great mod which offers a lot. How you survive and the choices that you make will all have a big impact on the type of experience you have. It’s a very enjoyable experience to see all of these unique mechanics working together to give you an experience which is largely perfected. So buckle up, adjust your spacesuit one last time, and prepare to launch into a world where survival is the only goal, and you never quite know what you’ll see and encounter as you fight to get back home.

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