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Our Space Astronomy 2 Server Hosting has a simple one click install for over 1000 unique modpacks. No surprise in the fact the Space Astronomy 2 is a space-based Minecraft modpack. It builds on the features of the original Space Astronomy modpack significantly.
As the player explores the galaxy, they will unlock achievements and progress towards the ultimate goal of becoming fully spacefaring. The achievement book acts as a guide, and prompts the player to take appropriate actions at the right time. Make your own Space Astronomy 2 server today!

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William Tiderman
Have bought from ScalaCube before for modded minecraft and the service was great then and great now. The only issue me and my friend has had is a few times of lag when destroying blocks or items not appearing instantly. But that is not that big of a issue and rarely happens. And when it does it lasts for a couple of minutes. Other than that we have got what we payed for and it was cheap compared to other sites.
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