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SCP Containment Breach is a little known horror game which inspired thousands of people on the internet to create their own SCP’s - creatures that resemble the darkest depths of human horror. So it made complete and total sense for someone to take that and add it to the world of Minecraft! It’s time to step into SCP Lockdown, which is a horror experience all it’s own, and you do so with the help of this mod pack. It’s pretty unlucky that you will ever be ready for the horrors that you’ll encounter here, but let’s get started anyway.

SCP Lockdown Pack provides you with all of the tools that you will need to have the best possible experience. There is a real emphasis on exploration and horror here, and a genuine sense of mystery as to what you’ll find around the next corner. Of course this is still Minecraft so everything will have that familiar blocky texture, but outside of that, prepare for terror and anticipation as you make your way around and try not to be killed by the next horrifying experiment roaming around with you. It’s quite a tense time and really isn’t for people who want a nice, safe, vanilla Minecraft experience.

From a technical perspective this is pretty standard for a mod pack. You will need to have Minecraft updated to 1.12.2, and a fairly powerful CPU to run everything that you need. It’s also recommended that you have a total of between 8 - 10 GB of RAM for best results. It is important to know that you’ll need access to the original SCP Lockdown mod itself to play the game, but you can find this quite easily if you hunt around on the internet. There’s a lot to appreciate here and it all comes from the innate sense of horror which is created.

So, it’s your time to roam the halls of the game and see what horrors await you. Whether you fall into madness or whether you decide to simply try and fight your way out of the map is up to you. There’s a unique atmosphere on each playthrough and you never know quite what will come around the corner to get you so that’s nice. Prepare to have all of your previous ideas about horror transformed and turned on their heads because this is something completely different.

Overall, SCP Lockdown Pack is a good gateway into what promises to be a very interesting mod pack. SCP Containment Breach is famous among the indie horror crowd, and so to see it become more popular here is highly entertaining. It is up to you to try and find the world that appeals to you and to explore at your discretion. The game will help you of course, but this isn’t an experience where you get your hand held. This is Minecraft, and it is immensely terrifying and thrilling all at once. Anything you do will be highly interesting, so it is well worth exploring all of the different mechanics and seeing what’s on offer.

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