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One of the fundamental issues which has emerged with Minecraft as a whole, and more frequently with modification packs is that we have become very aware of how to play the game, and manipulate it to advance quickly. In a few hours, people can have incredibly powerful resources, access to blocks and items which can trivialise challenges, and it is very straightforward to reach the best items in a short time. However, this modification pack aims to change that by creating a much more long-term and rewarding experience. Restart has been made to generate the best possible gameplay without breaking the rules or making things too easy.

This is a modification pack which has been designed to lock certain items and blocks off to you at the beginning. What you will find is that this severely limits progression during the initial stages of the game, when there is a system in place which prevents you from accessing more powerful resources until you complete certain tasks. It takes some of the sandbox elements away from the game and instead introduces a levelling system of sorts, albeit a very informal one. However, this does make the game very interesting to play, especially when you don’t have overpower items immediately.

Moving into the technical specifications for just a second, however, we can see that this version of Minecraft is made for 1.10.2. This necessitates a certain type of set up in order to have the best possible experience. It is recommended that you have a powerful computer, a CPU which can cope with the demands being placed on it, and also access to at least 7 GB of RAM to ensure smooth, steady gameplay. While this can seem like a challenge, it is very rewarding because the actual modification pack itself is very well-made.

Having a progression system is actually quite rewarding, because you don’t have the ability to just mindlessly accumulate resources. You actually have to stop and think about what you’re doing, which is not always easy for people to do. If you take the time to think about how you’re going to get access to certain resources, what you’re going to do to make sure that you can reach the next level, everything becomes a lot more challenging and requires you to focus more. However, the rewards are also very worth it.

So, in conclusion, the way that you play this game will be down to you. There are many different options to consider, many different mechanics to explore, and a sense of profession which is difficult to get in a lot of modern situations. However, it is definitely worth it if you can make it work, because you will notice that there are so many interesting mechanics to take advantage of. Having some of your most powerful resources taken away from you at the beginning of the game is definitely an interesting way to make sure that everything performs as well as it should. You have to stop and think, and that is quite nice.

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Jonatan Garcia Muñoz
Very good, we were surprised for good, we had never paid for any servers, but we have used other "pages" of free servers, and you can tell the difference from one to another.
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