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Do you want to be the very best, like no one ever was? Well, you’re in luck, because this is your chance to do just that. Welcome to the land of Pokemon… in Minecraft. No, you didn’t hear that wrong - it’s genuinely Minecraft in Pokemon. Everything you see around you is made for the sake of introducing one franchise into another. So put on your backpack, get kicked out of your house, and let the journey begin. Just… don’t go into the tall grass without a starter. That might get a little hairy quite quickly.

So this is a mod which serves to do one specific thing - reimagine the world of Minecraft to hold all the Pokemon you know and love in it. This is much more like playing one of the games than anything else. It’s a genuine Pokemon adventure, and that on it’s own is worth the price of admission. You can get yourself a starter Pokemon and freely explore the world, levelling up your partner, making new Pokemon pals, and battling with wild and tamed Pokemon alike for the ultimate prize - bigger and stronger Pokemon. Fans of the franchise will probably have a knowing smile at this, because that’s basically what the games are famous for.

So from a technical perspective you’re going to need version 1.7.10 of the game to go out and catch all the Pokemon. Plus, it’s a good idea to have around 6 - 8 GB of RAM tucked away in there too - just for a smooth and solid gameplay experience. A powerful PC and CPU doesn’t go amiss either - anyone else remember the days of playing Pokemon on a GBA? Yeah, neither do we. This may seem like a big demand, but it is definitely worth it - this is pretty entertaining as a concept.

Okay, so the world you create will be yours for the exploring. Everything that you need to do and everything you have available to you will all depend on what kind of experience you want to have. You can train only the most powerful Pokemon or you can opt to have a complete roster of the creatures - plus there’s endless items and new mechanics to keep it all exciting. What we heavily recommend is taking the time to explore each of the mechanics to see what it is that you want from your time and planning accordingly.

So grab your bag, pick up a starter and let’s get out there. Pokemon are everywhere, and they are our partners. The way we navigate the mod pack will be influenced by them, so collect your favourites and see how you stack up. There are a lot of choices and they’re all pretty varied - so what you do will have an impact. But there’s definitely a lot to appreciate here, and it’s all been crammed into the familiar visage of Pokemon. This is your time to be the very best, so get out there, try and fail to catch an Abra like we all do, and remember to have fun - it’s just Pokemon at the end of the day!

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