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Pokemon is a franchise which has been long-heralded as bridging the generational gap. It doesn’t matter if you’re young, old or anywhere in between. Pokemon has, consistently, managed to bring people together in exciting new ways. The franchise has been made into a TV series, a game series, a costume line, a toy line, and has, on more than one occasion, been adapted into a series of versions of Minecraft. That’s where Pixelmon Reforged comes into play, as one of the newest incarnations of the popular series. It’s time to once again step into the world of Pokemon.

This version of Pokemon is one which includes the latest generation of newcomers to the series. Pixelmon Reforged takes its inspiration from the region of Galar, the setting for the newest games in the series, Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. Consequently, all the new Pokemon from these games have made an appearance, from Scorbunny, Sobble and Grookey right the way through to the bigger and more impressive options like Galarian Stunfisk and Yamask. For a generation of young Pokemon players, this means that they can fall in love with the franchise all over again, now that their new partners have come to Minecraft.

Let’s look at the technical specifications for the system. Built for version 8.0.2, this is a Minecraft which is still easily accessed by everyone. This is good because there’s a lot here to appeal to people. However, with all of these new Pokemon, there’s going to be a need for people to get smart about how they explore the world of Pokemon. You’ll need a PC capable of running the Minecraft program itself, along with a pretty capable 8GB of RAM. Without that, you might find that graphical errors, glitches and hideous lag are all pretty commonplace.

It’s not just the world of Pokemon which has seen upgrades, there are new items, abilities and choices for you to explore. Pixelmon Reforged has tried to be something incredible and bring together a slew of different concepts, and it’s done it very well. It is up to you to get all of the Pokemon though. You’re going to have to go on a journey to capture and collect all of these Pokemon for yourself, because otherwise, you may struggle to put together the best team and grow as a person. How you do things will be your choice, of course, but you’ve got a lot of options.

Pixelmon Reforged does something incredible by bringing all of the old Pokemon onto the new screen and creating a fantastic atmosphere from start to finish. It is easy to see why this is a great mod pack to check out because it never fails to offer a lot to the user. There are numerous options and mechanics to work with, and plenty of ways to play. You should definitely give this a go, because it will provide you with all of the options, and choices, that you could possibly want for merging the world of Minecraft and the world of Pokemon together.

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