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Our Official FunCraft Modpack Server Hosting has a simple one click install for over 1000 unique modpacks.

There are some things which just serve to make sense of it the standard gameplay experience when it comes to Minecraft. These are modifications and textures which have ultimately changed the way the game is played. Consequently, a lot of players start to implement them in the hopes of getting an experience which isn’t like any other they’ve had. This is where FunCraft comes into the equation, and what it does is present a brand-new experience in Minecraft which will ultimately serve to increase your enjoyment.

Fantasy and Science Fiction combine here to create something which is ultimately very impressive. In this mode, you play as a witch or a wizard. But, you’re doing so in a world where science fiction and sci-fi fantasy have really come together. The end result is a game unlike anything else you have played before. Because the premise is quite a bit different to everything else that you have come across, there are plenty of chances to create a unique brand new world which is just for you.

Because to fantastical world have combined in a way which never happened before, you have complete freedom of the type of story you create and the narrative you choose to follow. Worldbuilding is something that you traditionally do yourself in Minecraft, and this is no exception. You can build a one of a kind of world if you want, with all of the various different features and characters in it that you think will emerge the experience. Of course, you can learn how to wheel the magic effectively, but at the same time you could also lean towards the sci-fi elements and construct something that looks like it belongs in an episode of Star Trek. Complete creative freedom is within your control, and this really does help to boost all of the opportunities that you can get. If you want to do something, you can go out and easily do it, and there is no limitations or rush either.

From a purely technical perspective, this is a well designed mod which has had a lot of time and effort go into it. You can create whatever kind of world you like, and there really are no limitations in this particular way. Everything performs exactly as it should, and there are regular updates and developments introduced which helped to keep the gameplay fresh and unique.

This is definitely something you should try out for yourself, because it does offer quite a bit in the way of gameplay and development. Mastering magic is always a fantastic option in of itself, but if you want to, you could focus on the sci-fi elements and create a perfect marriage of the two. Because there isn’t anything in the way of a preset formula for how you plan the type of experience that you have, you can come up with whatever world you like, which makes this all the more compelling for someone who is interested in worldbuilding and science fiction and magic.

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Kris Soozo
Amazing, blew me away. Runs RLCraft FLAWLESSLY!

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