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About the Pack

Our Nuts and Bolts: Torqued Server Hosting has a simple one click install for over 1000 unique modpacks.

Nuts and Bolts: Torqued is a mod pack which focuses very much on progression and moving forward. It recognises that there are many different things to do and a lot of experiences to enjoy. This is a pack which focuses heavily on making sure that people can have as much fun as they want, and it does so in a way that really puts an emphasis on swift and fluid gameplay. The experience which you have will be your own, but you should be aware that there are many different gameplay mechanics and options to take advantage of.

The mod pack is designed to be a lot more engaging and interesting than some other packs. It doesn’t necessarily have the same level of difficulty, in fact it does opt for something a little more challenging. However, it is definitely worth it for people who want to be able to enjoy a smooth and easy to work with experience which gives them the benefit of being able to get the most from their experiences without having to worry about whether or not they can keep playing. The spike is fair and rewarding, so if you take a little bit of time to push and keep trying, you’ll definitely see the positives.

The mod pack itself has been made for version 1.10.2 of Minecraft, and this means that you are going to need to effectively and sensibly try and manage resources to cope with this. You’ll need to take the time to invest in a powerful PC and CPU, and make sure that you have enough RAM to have smooth and steady gameplay. This can be a challenge, but it is ultimately worth it if you want to have a flawless gameplay experience from start to finish, which is obviously the goal of the exercise.

So overall, there’s a lot of things that you can to make the most out of your experiences with this system. The way that you play the game will be up to you but there are no wrong ways to play and no options which aren’t correct. Everything that you do is up to you and you’re free to do it. There are no restrictions in the conventional sense - no real blocks on the way that people do things and what this means for people. You can, by and large, play how you like.

Everything is set up so when you want to come up with something exciting and interesting, it is easy to enjoy what you do. The creative choices that you want to make can all be made without any difficulties at all. You’re free to come up with a world which works for you and it is all completely within your control. What you get to do is entirely up to you, and that’s fantastic. Having creative control is always good, and so you can come up with whatever options you want and control the rules from the outset - it’s fantastic.

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Logan Carlson-Swanson
Good host! My server had some issues starting out but the support team is very responsive and got back with a solution quickly. I'd recommend them.
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