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Our Mystic Mesa Server Hosting has a simple one click install for over 1000 unique modpacks.

Mystic Mesa. Do you like gameplay which takes place in a Mesa? Are you interested to see how something like this could affect a whole unique gameplay experience? If, like us, you are, then this is definitely for you. This was designed by one fan and her overarching quest to create a world which featured heavily in one particular biome. This is a highly engaging and very enjoyable modification pack which offers you a lot in the way of exploration and core game mechanics. There are so many different options here and they have all been very well designed which keeps with the idea that this is a game that provides you with a lot.

The main mechanic at work here is obviously exploration, with a large emphasis put on being able to freely walk around and see all of the unique aspects at work. There are so many different choices, gameplay options and mechanics here which have been carefully selected to fit in with the number of new mods which have been implemented and the high level of stylistic creative choices. You get the feeling that this was meant to be played in a very grandiose and explorative fashion, and it has been built accordingly.

So what do we need from a technical perspective to be able to play this incredible mod pack with all of the different options in it? Well, surprisingly, not a lot. Everything here has been built to give you a sense of sophistication and style, and there are a lot of different moments where the gameplay backs this up. It’s been made for version 1.7.10 of Minecraft, which is not one of the current versions by any means, so you can use it in a selection of different places. There are many different mechanics and choices here and they’re all pretty good, which is nice to see. We would recommend that you get at least 7 GB of RAM for it though, just to be on the safe side.

Despite all the requirements you can tell that this is a labour of love. It has been built well and gives players a unique experience in a biome which is frankly underrated. It has been made to be played a lot and there are fantastical creatures here which all contribute to making sure that the experiences of the player are enjoyable ones. You can tell that this was something of a passion project for the developer - it was made well and a lot of time has gone into each new mechanic. You can identify the areas where people have tried to make this as flexible and adaptable as possible and it is definitely to be admired and applauded. A lot of effort went into this and you can see that behind every option and choice that is freely available. What you are going to want to do is check out all of the unique options, as these will really help to make this enjoyable.

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Torran Dodd
Works really well, suited all our needs no problemo
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