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Our Infinity [Kinetic] Server Hosting has a simple one click install for over 1000 unique modpacks.

Kinetic: Infinity is a mod pack where you are put into the role of someone who has the power of technology on their side to do with whatever they so desire. It’s great because the options are really limitless from a gameplay perspective too - you can do whatever you like with all of the different components and elements, and the end goal is simply to progress and move forward. It’s a very simple and easy to use system which really does pay forward when you take the time to work out all of the unique mechanics.

So what is Kinetic: Infinity all about? Well, it’s a pack which focuses on technology, but there are magical elements to play with too. The entire world has been designed to be infinite in the way that you do things, and the way that you interact with your environment. You will notice that there is a lot to do in the way of free gameplay choices. You could learn magic, you’ve got a space, you can even transfer your consciousness into a robot if you wanted. There are pretty limitless options, and this really helps to make sure that the entire experience is smooth and functional.

Turn into technical features, the mod pack is run on version 1.12 .2 of Minecraft, so this already tells us that you’re going to need some pretty advanced equipment in order to stabilise and smoothly run the pack. We recommend having access to a high-powered PC, a pretty modern CPU, and between 8 to 10 GB of RAM to fully get the most from your experiences. It’s definitely worth it, as everything has been very well designed, and you can tell that the development team put a lot of time and effort into everything they did.

The level of creative freedom that you get from playing a modification pack like this is considerable. You have unlimited access to the different types of mechanics and resources available. Progression is fairly designed, and has an even growth rate, so you can create the world that you want without any issues at all. One of the main advantages to something like this is being able to shape an environment according to your wishes. You can literally do anything that you want, whether you automate processes or take the time to do things for yourself.

Overall, this is just a few of the different options that you have available to you when it comes to getting the most from your experiences within this mod pack. It has been made to give you complete freedom, and does very well in this regard. The way that you interact with the environment, and the things that you do with your time will all influence how you move forward. It is up to you to explore all of the options to find the one which works for you, because there are so many different gameplay choices available. However, one thing that no one can doubt is that this is something to enjoy.

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Excellent prices, superb speed and the server was quickly supplied. Will definitely continue business with this company!
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