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Our Journey Across The Void Server Hosting has a simple one click install for over 1000 unique modpacks.

With a name like Journey Across the Void, expectations will be high from the beginning and the developers knew this. However, this is not an issue as they set out to create an incredible experience which captures the feeling of going on a quest, and ultimately managed to do it with style and grace.

This project is all about questing. Specifically, this is a grand quest which incorporates lots of side quests and diverging pathways, all of which relate in some way or another to one of the different mods which are installed inside the larger system. The way that you explore the game in the quest that you do will be up to you, but rest assured that is a different style of play for nearly everybody. Every quest is detailed and adds to the lore of the world in someway, so the story that you create will depend entirely on the quests that you do and the information that you collect as a result.

This level of creative freedom is incredibly appealing for people you want to try and create their own story. One of the major issues that people encounter with quest type projects is that the world building is already been done for them, and so the quest itself is quite linear, moving from one event to the next without much freedom of choice. This is okay for some, but others want a more open and experience, and this is what you get here to quite a considerable extent. There is a basic plot to follow, but you don’t have to do everything in the order they suggest, and you can explore the world properly and do the other mini side quests if you wanted to. Understandably, this makes it quite popular.

There is a considerable level of immersion at work here, and you genuinely feel like you are part of an incredible quest which has real consequences for the world around you. This is great when you consider that this is Minecraft we are working with, a game which isn’t necessarily indicative of real life, but at the same time tries to emulate it. Your actions have impacts all across the world. Whether you choose to save the world or let it burn, this will ultimately reflect the state of the server that you create. Plus, this is an incredible thing to do with friends and colleagues.

Is this a pack which we would recommend for you, knowing what it does? Absolutely. There is so much to appreciate here. It is an incredible open world quest which offers a unique experience for people depending on the stories that they follow and the legend that they create for themselves. Because a lot has already been done for you, all you have to do is build your unique tale by doing the quests that you want, and this, in turn, creates a story which is just for you and the people you’re playing with.

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Jan Świdziński
A realy great server hosting. Nice option of configuration , plugins and mods support and helpful videos with instructions.
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