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Our FTB Unleashed Server Hosting has a simple one click install for over 1000 unique modpacks.

Feed the Beast is a pretty incredible experience no matter which version you happen to pick up, and in this case, it continues to impress thanks to incredible graphical displays and the new Unleashed pack. You’ll be able to see fan favourite mod packs and different play options all come together to provide something truly incredible, and it is definitely an experience which we would heavily recommend for anyone who’s looking for something different. Why? Well, let’s jump right into that, and talk a little bit about why the mod is such a good idea.

So what is Unleashed all about? Well, it’s not about a hedgehog-turned-werewolf, we’ll give you that! Unleashed is a collection of different packs, resources and mods designed to give you more creative freedom in the way you play and how this alters the landscape of the game. There’s so much to do and ask for, which is great because in all honesty, the conventional Minecraft experience can get a little plain. You have a lot of choices and having that creative freedom is essential for enjoying yourself to the max. It is your world, and the story you craft is definitely your own adventure from start to finish.

To be completely honest, there is no preset formula for having a good time with a modification pack like this. It is your story, you know? The way that you use resources and the structures that you build are all tied to your imagination, which makes for some incredible designs. If you wanted to build a sprawling metropolis of towers and buildings, you could do that. It might take a while, but you can do that! That’s really what appeals to a lot of players. Not everybody wants a rigid and well-defined story, instead some people prefer having a sandbox type experience, where they can just build according to whatever takes their fancy.

There are a lot of fan favourite modifications here. It’s clear that the developers have looked to see what’s most popular and then integrated back into this collection. Everything has been optimised to run smoothly at the highest levels of Minecraft, so if you have a PC that can deal with it, you will get the full package. But as the overall story is yours, the choices that you make are also equally important. The world that you create will be influenced by your whims and desires. It’s a lot like playing God, in that respect.

I don’t just take it from us. Give it a go! Check it out for yourself, and see you just what it is that everyone is so hyped about. There is so much to experience here, and so many little quirks and intricacies to play with, and it becomes easy to enjoy things. If you take the time to explore, and check out everything that is on offer, you will have a very good time. There is so much to appreciate here, and so many different options to take advantage of.

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Ricky Ramirez
This works really great for the money given, it's honestly really good and really easy to manage.

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