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Feed the Beast is well known for the incredible mods that they put out to the world. One of their recent entries, Trident, is one of the more interesting options for the way that it mixes up the conventional formula to deliver something truly impressive to the player. The mellow landscapes of the original Minecraft are gone, and in their place is a barren wasteland where three factions war for control and power. If you wanted something to mix up the experience and deliver a new style of play, then you’ve definitely come to the right place with this Feed the Beast adventure.

If you were looking for the conventional Minecraft experience, you should probably turn back now. This isn’t a vanilla adventure by any means - this is a proper tough one. You’ve got a barren wasteland to contend with, limited resources, and two other warring factions to try and play against. You have to be clever to survive here, because the choices that you make will have serious consequences for the rest of the game in the future. People will die or live based on how you manage weapons, food, and building materials. There’s never been more pressure.

Obviously, combat is one of the main focuses of this modification pack. It’s very much a player versus player system, where battles and strategic fighting is critical for ensuring that you maintain control of resources and weapons. You might not think that such a system is easy to work with in the world of Minecraft, where the basic gameplay is not oriented towards fighting, but the developers have done an incredible job optimising combat to be the main attraction of the game. Yes, that is resource management, farming, and searching for new materials, but this takes a back seat to battling for what you want.

Initially, you may find that you focus more on building infrastructure and creating vehicles to traverse the landscape. Just blindly running into attack people is not the winning formula here, and will more often than not lead to your untimely demise. Instead, what you want to do is strategically build up your resources, and then lead raids on other players that you know you have a high chance of winning. If you have superior resources, then it is possible to prevail the majority of the time. This is a system which rewards those players that take the time to establish a foothold, and heavily punishes those who simply go off on their own for thrill seeking and glory.

In spite of all of this, there is no doubt that this is a highly engaging and entertaining modification pack. Focusing more on combat than exploration and resource acquisition, this is something which appeals to everybody because there is a genuine sense of pride at watching this incredible force be built from the ground up. You have access to so many brilliant resources, and so much in the way of power and wealth, and this means that you can create an experience that is entirely unique to the players you work with.

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Otti Kinsman
its very fun

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