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The Feed the Beast series has long been an incredible experience which many people have enjoyed. Consequently, it has seen many different upgrades and improvements over the years, to make sure that people are getting the best possible experience. FTB Resurrection is the latest incarnation to follow the trend of improving and reimagining an existing series entry. In this case, it is optimising it for a modern audience. There are many different features to think about, and a selection all enjoyable characteristics that well endear this to pretty much anybody who decides to install it.

So, what makes FTB: Resurrection such a good mod pack? Well, for one, let’s look at what it sets out to do. This is a 1.7.10 reimagining of an old version of Feed the Beast, specifically the 1.4.7 pack. You’ve got all the incredible features that made this such a good choice, coupled with the brilliance which comes from the joy of modern graphics and features. It may not reinvent the wheel but it does incredibly well at introducing players to an older style of play in a fresh take. Everything is smooth and works well, which is fantastic.

From a technical perspective, this is an incredible thing. You can see all of the time and effort which has gone into this - clearly someone cared a lot about the finished product and wanted to see it grow and develop. You have access to so much in the way of options and benefits. All of the existing Feed the Beast elements are all here and they all work perfectly. There's no hiccups or problems that are glaringly obvious - from start to finish this looks like an incredible thing that you should check out when you have the chance simply because there’s so much to do.

The lack of a narrative and structure is good because you don’t have to worry about what plot to follow next. Your decisions drive the world forward and yours alone - if you wanted to sit and not really influence the world you could, or you could make complexes full of resources too. It’s your choice, there are no limits and no restrictions. The joy of Minecraft has always been that it is a sandbox. The way that you do things will shape the world around you and that is okay. There are no restrictions and that’s fantastic.

So to summarise, there’s a lot to appreciate about something like this. The choices that you make are your own and they seriously help to advance the plot forward and give you a unique experience. This is very definitely a Feed the Beast adventure which is exactly what works for it. This isn’t a massive overhaul or a reboot, just a remastered version - and those are generally concepts that are very well received by an audience. Obviously, the choices that you make will change the plot and alter how you explore the world. But in terms of the narrative that you experience and the way you handle yourself, it’s a pretty broad adventure.

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Liam burrows
your end is brill, but my end not the best as got alot of learning to do with your site and plugins but your website is easy to learn
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