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Our FTB Presents Cloud 9 Server Hosting has a simple one click install for over 1000 unique modpacks.

We’re all pretty familiar with the Feed the Beast series, and they have successfully created and introduced the newest option into the proceedings for everyone to enjoy. Cloud 9 is the latest series in the set, and follows the adventures of two players as they aim for the sky. Now you can be a part of the magic too, thanks to some incredible mod packs and enhancements to the basic Minecraft experience to make it a much more enjoyable and easy to work with experience. Is this a mod you should check out? Absolutely, and here’s why.

What is Cloud 9? Well, like the name might suggest, you’re in for a good time. This is a smooth and functional mod pack which doesn’t fail to impress from a technical perspective. All of the conventional mechanics and formula are here to make sure that this is still like Minecraft, it’s just Minecraft with a fresh coat of paint attached. You would be wise to give this a go because there’s really a lot to enjoy here. With all of the different options, you can easily find a play style which works for you and allows you to capitalise on the sheer variety of modifications that are around.

Magic, money, and a palpable sense of wonder are all part and part of the package here. You will notice that there is a lot to do, with open-ended story mechanics coming into play to give you an adventure which is, for the most part, unique to you. You can write the ending that you want, and the narrative is as rich and detailed as you want to make it. Cloud 9 is designed to replicate the experiences of the two players who pioneered it, but this is not deadlocking you into a particular style of play. You could follow their adventure if you wanted, or you could create your own, which is really nice from a gameplay perspective.

The emphasis is on utilising all of the different modification packs to generate a unique world yourself. You could pursue riches and power, or you could delve into the world of magic, and gain proficiency as a magician. Whatever it is that you choose to do, you have the ability to create your own story, and when everything performs well thanks to technological enhancements, you are in for a good time.

This is definitely an experience that we would recommend for anybody who wants to get involved with a Feed the Beast adventure. It’s a phenomenon that has taken the world of Minecraft by storm, and many people still enjoy it today. The experience that you created your own, so there are no restrictions when it comes to enjoying yourself. Your story is within your control, and this will never change, so you are free to pursue whatever ending or developments that appeal to you over the course of your journey. Hopefully, you will have as much fun with this adventure as we did!

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Very easy to access and edit files

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