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Our FTB Monster Server Hosting has a simple one click install for over 1000 unique modpacks.

The Feed the Beast series has long been a widely followed one. There are many different elements and entries into the series, and they have all showcased themselves to be incredible modification packs which offer something unique and challenge the conventional Minecraft experience. FTB Monster is one such entry, promising an incredibly unique experience, with an emphasis on hosting a selection of fan favourite modifications, as well as some new ones to make sure that people do not get bored. This is definitely something you should take a look at if you are interested in the Feed the Beast series, because it does offer a lot.

Clocking in with the 1.6.4 version of the game, this is a very well done addition to the series. All of the typical Feed the Beast elements are all here, which is good for long time fans of the series. At the same time, you’ve also got enough of the new mechanics in place to make sure that this stands as a well-designed and engaging entry into the franchise. Plus, with new random world generation properties, it has never been easier to explore brave new areas and seek out the strange and fantastical.

Because there is no central narrative or ongoing story, the world that you create is your own. You have complete creative freedom over the type of narrative that you craft, the way that things develop and the type of experience that you have. It’s really quite nice when there is no linear plot, no restrictions on how you move forward in the way that you create the world, because this can, for a lot of players, interrupt the creative experience and ruin their vision. If you are looking for something unique, then this is perhaps the way to go.

One of the highlights for this modification pack has to be the random world generation feature. Being able to create an entire world that is completely random will only appeal to those people who want a sense of adventure. When you don’t know what to expect, what could possibly happen next or what will take place, that is the level of uncertainty which is highly engaging. It presents a thrill, with the danger being incredibly enticing.

Do you recommend this to people? Yes we do, simply because it has so many different options and different features available that will no doubt add to an incredible experience. The way that you control the world and the different elements which make up your gameplay will no doubt appeal to many people. At the same time, the element of uncertainty helps to create a challenge and a thrill which for your games kit hope to accomplish. There is literally no telling what kind of world we created, what type of enemies your face, or what dangers will be there, and this is part of the charm. This is a highly engaging mod which will only serve to enhance your experience, so you should definitely give it a go.

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Kleekai Boii
Very satisfied with the hosting. I had actually bought the wrong plan but they let me switch it for an extra dollar. Customer support was really nice.
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