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Our FTB Lite 3 Server Hosting has a simple one click install for over 1000 unique modpacks.

Do you like Feed the Beast? Well, at this point, who doesn’t. It’s an incredible series of mods and gameplay enhancing packs which have spawned so much in such a short time, and they’re famous in the Minecraft community because of this. But to install any one of these packs is a big ask - there’s so much stuff in them! So if you were looking for a smaller, more manageable pack, you’ve come to the right place with FTB Lite. This is like a stripped down and cutback version that still performs well, but has less to try and sort through.

This is a version which runs on 1.7.10, and is made for people who either don’t know much about modpacks (newcomers, form an orderly line), or for people who can’t download larger packs thanks to technical limitations (casual gamers, please join the line). This is also a pretty useful tool for making your own mod pack when you want to as well. It serves as a helpful base layer, which is good when you want to explore new mechanics and concepts at your leisure but might be bound by the restrictions of your device.

So, what is to enjoy here? What different things do you have an offer to make sure that this is an incredible experience from start to finish? Well, you have a lot to play with. Don’t confuse this with being a stripped down basic model. Just because it’s smaller, that doesn’t make it any less powerful or enjoyable. It's what you do with the experience that you have that will dictate just how much you get from something like this. As a familiar science-fiction character once said, “size matters not“.

With a built-in system that you can toggle on and off to enhance the performance of the whole experience depending on the limitations of your computer, there really is a lot to enjoy here. So many people have used this experience, and this modification pack to successfully build their own unique story. There is a real emphasis on creativity and freedom, and you can write a story that you want, without having to worry about whether or not your system can handle it, because this is built for smaller computers anyway.

Choosing how to do things, and the way that you operate your system is so helpful. Obviously, you want to make sure that you get the very best, and this is completely doable if you take time to explore all the different options and utilise the system in a way which works for you. This is a wonderful system! It is one which we can recommend for you heavily because there is a lot to enjoy and so many different mechanics to work with. The world you create is your own and there are no restrictions when it comes to content creation, and that’s absolutely fantastic. Plus, it’s all condensed down into an easy to use format, which is even better.

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