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How to make your own FTB Infinity Evolved server

About the Pack

Our FTB Infinity Evolved Server Hosting has a simple one click install for over 1000 unique modpacks. This new version includes lots of new game models and also a quest system. Two gaming modes are included, these are expert and normal modes. When you start a new game or load an existing game, the default is normal mode.
The following two commands toggle between them, either in-game or from the server console:

  • /ftb mode set expert
  • /ftb mode set normal
The game mode is persistent and applies to all players joining the server. You don’t need to perform a world reset, but we do recommend it, as this new update contains a huge amount of changes. FTB is designed for both solo and multiplayer play. Fastcraft is bundled with this mod to increase Minecraft performance. Make your own FTB Infinity Evolved server today!

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Ram Gutman
Loved the server runs smooth with any mod pack
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