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Our FTB Departed Server Hosting has a simple one click install for over 1000 unique modpacks.

Another fantastic entry from the people at the Feed the Beast team is Departed. Forget everything you think you know about mods in this series - this is something brand new and very exciting. The emphasis is very much on exploration and moving from one place to another - in style, of course. The way that you navigate the environments and the different environments you’ll see do help to mix up the gameplay, mind you.

You’re dimension hopping like it’s the CW’s Arrowverse here, with so many worlds and dimensions to explore and everything stylised in the glorious blocky world of Minecraft. You can travel to different dimensions and worlds pretty much whenever you want, with the tools and resources to jump around being freely available mostly from the outset.

However, this is definitely NOT the Minecraft experience that you are used to. There’s a distinct edge to it and definitely a motif of the dark and dangerous. You have so many different options, and some of these locations are scary, and filled with new monsters to battle and new horrors to discover. The sinister thing about something set in an alternate universe is that not all of it is going to be nice!

There’s so much to deal with here and so many incredible options when it comes to how you can explore the world and the environments you come across. The way that you play the game will be unique to you and that’s fantastic - not everyone needs a linear plot to follow or a single game experience to work with. Some people like to have multiple options and this is exactly what a mod like this offers.

The whole thing is structured around the “Advent of Ascension” mod pack. Think of it as being the basis for everything that you see and do here. You can create the worlds that you want and the adventures that work for you and there’s absolutely no restrictions with the world that you create. There’s also all the latest mods for efficiency and improved play integrated into the mechanics so you can have whatever kind of system you want in place without having to worry about anything else. There are so many different options and things to think about, and a lot of different ways to play.

We encourage you to give this a go to make sure that you get nothing but the very best in terms of quality and gameplay experiences. You can explore the world according to how you want to play and you can see things from a unique perspective that works for you. This is a great mod pack for exploration, for discovery and for finding a brand new set of delights and memories. Gather resources, prepare yourself for the unknown and remember to have fun doing it - adventure is half the fun of what you do, and anything you do should be to make sure that you have a great experience from start to finish!

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Veeti Viitala
Works well and I love the infinite slots!
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