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If you are focusing more on an experience which is about story driven experiences and interactions with NPC’s, like playing a proper RPG, then this is probably the best mod pack for you - it’s called Fallen Kingdoms. The story takes place in the aftermath of a great conflict which destroyed all of the major kingdoms in the world. As you will come to discover, it is a race to rebuild and we gather resources, and you have the opportunity to influence how this all plays out. However, in a radical departure from a lot of other modification packs of the same vein, this is about the story.

The way in which you influence the outcome of the story, and the way that you play is not determined by your ability to fight all the resources that you gather so much as your interactions with nonplayer characters and advancing the lore. There is a rich story built into this, with multiple endings available to you, and so the way that you interact with the other inhabitants of the world will shape your experience. Because of how this is structured, it is very common for players to have different experiences with each new playthrough.

The modification pack itself has been built for version 1.7.10 of Minecraft, so your system will need to be updated to that level in order to match it. This isn’t a massively demanding update in today’s world, so it makes it more accessible for everybody. What you will come to realise is that a lot of this is tied to how much ram you have available to put towards the game. At least 7 to 8 GB is recommended, because having a smooth and steady experience is vital for enjoying the game.

Being able to decide the outcome of the story is always quite interesting. The thing about epic tales is that they have a level of relatability in them. We often imagine ourselves in the title role, and we daydream about how we will influence the story and how the choices we make will shape the outcome of the world. This is very much a literal translation of that. You decide how the world progresses, based on your interactions with different characters, so you control what happens to a large extent. This understandably makes it very appealing to people who like escapist modification packs.

In conclusion, there is definitely a lot to enjoy about this modification pack. It has been designed to be a very structural and story driving experience, which really does lend itself well to you and escapist fantasy. You control what happens in the world. You decide the outcome of the game, and so your actions shape everything. It’s interesting to see how you choose to handle the situation, how you interact with characters, and which characters you build meaningful relationships with. All of it plays a role in the game, and that’s a very interesting take on the conventional fantasy elements.

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This is a great company besides a few minor kinks. Love it completely, and they respond fast and in depth. I may even recommend it to some friends!!!
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