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A long time ago, in a world far, far away…

MINECRAFT: Dream Craft 2

That’s right, this mod pack is all about Star Wars. It takes heavy inspiration from that universe and so everything that you see, do and encounter there is designed to be as interesting as possible. All the famous concepts are there for you to explore - Jedi and Sith, monsters and friends, incredible worlds. If you’re a longtime fan of Star Wars or even just a casual watcher, this is definitely something you should take a look at because it really is quite interesting.

The world that you build and the way that you choose to play the game is entirely up to you. This is still Minecraft after all. The main idea is that you can freely shape the world according to your own whims and desires. However, now everything just has an interesting Star Wars skin to it - great, right? Luckily for you, there is no plot in a general sense - you can make one for yourself and figure out exactly what it is that you want to do and the world you want to create. Destroy the Sith, or join them - Obi Wan isn’t here to lecture you on your lifestyle choices this time.

This pack contains 60 mods and is made for version 1.6.4. What this means is that practically anyone can play without having to worry. You get access to something incredible here in the way you do things and the final choices are your own. However, you will still need around 5-7 GB of RAM, a powerful PC and a good CPU to run things smoothly. Can’t be a moisture farmer on Tatooine if you’ve got terrible stability. You’d miss out on all the exciting moments!

Well, there’s definitely a lot for you to do here at least. You can freely create a world which is suitable for your specific needs and requirements without any issues, and have access to an incredible source of easy mods and cosmetic changes which help to capture the magic of the Star Wars universe. Is there a lot to do here? Yes, there is. You’ll really enjoy being able to explore all of the different options and seeing what’s on offer, and many people will no doubt have a fun time exploring some of the other options too.

So overall, there is definitely a lot to do here. All of the interesting and unique elements definitely come into play here to create something which is exciting, easy to work with and full of mystery - all wonderful shots for a Star Wars mod pack. So whether you smuggle goods around the world, learn the secrets of the force or decide to just muck around and play with friends, there’s something for you here. Just remember some of the main rules of Star Wars - the high ground always comes out on top, and always, always let the Wookiee win!

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The Server Is Great it works perfectly and i love it
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