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Minecraft as a franchise has evolved beyond just being a game. For some people it is a hobby, for some people it is a passion, and for other people it is a way to connect with a larger audience. There are many people in the YouTube community who have built their channels on playing Minecraft and showcasing various modification packs, themes, and multiplayer collaborations. One such person is Direwolf20. Their popularity is such that they have been given access to a modification pack designed specifically to work with, and follow the plot of, their 1.6.4 Minecraft series.

It is very rare that a modification pack is made specifically for the exploits of one particular content creator, so you know that when it does happen it is worth stopping to pay attention to. This is a very well-designed pack, which closely mirrors the 1.6.4 series that the titular YouTuber has been playing on their channel for quite some time. It’s been designed as an interactive experience for the fans, as they can now play along and connect with one of their favourite creators in a different way.

Obviously, great pain was taken to ensure that this performs as well as possible on every type of computer system. It is not a badly designed, poorly executed fan project. Instead, this is a very well designed mod pack, and something which genuinely offers quite a lot. The hallmarks are the 1.6.4 series are all present, the world which was created via the channel is there, and it genuinely feels like an extension of the fan base, which is really nice. You feel like, to be honest, that this is something which Direwolf20 would approve of, and that is quite impressive.

So yes, the modification pack is set in their 1.6.4 series. However, you don’t necessarily have to keep to the same narrative structure that was followed. You have a very fluid narrative to work with, and you can do by and large whenever you like. This is great because people down Waze want to follow the same patterns and stories that everybody else does. They like being part of the world, but the way they explore that and do things is different and unique to them, and of course that’s absolutely fine. This pack gives them the freedom to do just that.

So is this something that we recommend for anybody? Yes, yes we do. If you are a fan of this YouTuber, and you want to be part of that world, and see the journey that they have taken, this is a really nice interactive experience. If you want to try and carve out your own narrative within the confines of that world, that’s completely acceptable to. It is just a server at this point, in the sense that you still have creative control. So the choices that you make, and the decisions that you take will ultimately change the environment, which means that it’s just as much your story as anybody else’s.

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Luke LaLuna
Server has been handing a super advanced modpack pretty wonderfully so far. Console and website are super easy to use.

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