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Deserted: The First Survival Island Modpack

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Our Deserted: The First Survival Island Modpack Server Hosting has a simple one click install for over 1000 unique modpacks.

Welcome to Deserted, the First Survival Island. This is a mod pack which puts you on an island which has been deserted, and it is up to you to be able to to survive there in spite of all the challenges that you will face. There are a lot of unique mechanics here which help to cement this as being a highly engaging and enjoyable part of the gameplay experience, and definitely one which you should engage and explore as you move through the different terrains.

You begin life on a small island with limited resources. However, try not to worry about that, as deep within the island is an intricate and well made network of tunnels which will give you the tools that you need to find more resources. All you have to do is be able to get down there and you’re set. The overall aim of a pack like this is to explore and create brand new worlds, and the way that this has been implemented should leave no doubt that there was a lot to come up with and many choices from a gameplay perspective. The way that you explore and create will influence how you play, so it’s worth going for it in that regard.

Technically this has been built from strength as well, being optimised for 1.10.2 and being easily accessible to the style of gameplay that we have on offer. This is something which is easily created, highly engaging and very much a product of the time. You’ll want to invest in at least 5GB of RAM, but it is also recommended that you go for more than that - our personal suggestion is at least 7 GB. It will help to create a smooth and stable experience, which is exactly what you want in these situations.

Overall, it is easy to see that everything has been built well and has a unique sense of purpose attached to it. There are a lot of mechanics which are easy to work with, highly engaging and pretty much perfect, so you can explore as freely as you like for the sake of getting the most out of all of your experiences. Survival is the ultimate challenge here and it is something which is done incredibly well. You’ll be wise to interact with all the mechanics and elements, and this is encouraged during gameplay.

So there is a lot to appreciate here and this is definitely a pack which has been built to be as appealing as possible. You’ve got a handful of core mechanics to work with and a lot of choices befitting the role of someone in the driver's seat of a mod pack like this. The way that you play and the choices that you can make will be influenced heavily by all the different options, and so it is important to see how all of the core mechanics line up together and work.

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