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Do you like Lord of the Rings? You can’t deny that it is a film franchise which has left a mark on the world and really pushed the boundaries of modern cinema even further than they’ve gone before. Even to this day there isn’t a trilogy or a book series which is so large in scale and so ambitious. So it seems only fair that people have tried to bring that magic to various platforms and games, and Minecraft is no exception to this. Introducing, for your gaming pleasure, Crusader Craft. It’s set in the medieval times and parodies LOTR quite closely, but adds a unique twist to it along the way.

So what we have here is a unique and easy way to play a new version of Minecraft. This is a reimagined world, not just one with a Minecraft skin slapped onto it. There are so many new elements and choices available here that you can freely enjoy everything that is on offer without having to worry. You have access to so many interesting mechanics and options that it becomes a joy just to navigate from one end of the world to another. Now how many times does that happen in a mod pack?

But, coming out of the world of fantasy for just a second, there are some technical requirements to think about. With 55 mods installed, and a version of 1.7.10, you’re going to need to gear up for this adventure. It’s time to get a mighty PC, a powerful CPU, and something which can handle the technical pressure - we’re thinking around 7 - 9 GB of RAM. You’ll want to approach this with more gusto and power than that of your average hobbit folks - otherwise you won’t get a smooth experience from start to end.

So, it’s time to have that second breakfast, get ready to hit the road and set out on a grand adventure. This mod pack is a clear homage to all your favourite fantasy tropes, and there’s a lot to enjoy here. What wonders await you inside the world of the pack? Will you be a hero or a villain? Create a new world or burn it to the ground? The choice is yours, and whatever you choose to do, it will definitely be an exciting and interesting thing to watch.

All things considered, this is a pretty good mod. There is definitely a lot to appreciate here and it is all good. You’re going to want to really stop and think about all of the different mechanics on offer to find the one which works best for you however. Much like the story that the mod pack draws inspiration from, the journey is long and perilous, and doesn’t have a clear map. You want to make sure that you are trying to find the optimal options without losing interest - so be prepared to hunt around and find some exciting adventures. Embrace your inner nerd, and give this a go - you won’t regret it.

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