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Our CozRPG Evolved Server Hosting has a simple one click install for over 1000 unique modpacks.

Here’s the thing about notrealpack. The name is actually a massive confusion so do not be fooled by that for even a second. This is actually completely real and it’s a pretty good pack, in all honesty, so you have to wonder why the dev team thought that it was the done thing to label it up as notrealpack, but hey. It’s definitely one which you should check out anyway because there is definitely a whole lot to work with and enjoy here. Regardless of the strange title, this is a pack which was built really well and does offer a lot.

The pack itself promises new dimensions, magic, battles, wizards, and a full English breakfast. Okay. Scratch the last one, but it doesn’t matter because everything else is about as spectacular as it gets so who the heck cares? This has been made wonderfully and features all that you could want from such an engaging mod pack, and it also comes with the added bonus of being made to be smooth, reliable and efficient. With that in mind, let’s bounce across quickly to the technical specifications and take a look.

Okay, so to play this you’re going to need some good kit. First, the good news. The pack itself is built for 1.7.10, which is an earlier version of Minecraft. Consequently, this means that more people can access it than other mods so even if you’re not the most up to date, you’re good to play this. However, we would still recommend a powerful PC, a properly custom CPU, and around 6 - 8 GB of RAM. Anything less than that and the whole experience is at risk of not being smooth and easy to play. Believe us, you’re going to want to have a smooth experience here.

With all that’s going on, it seems mad to not have the best kit to run it. This is a whole unique modpack which offers you a lot in the way of different interests and options to make sure that you have everything you could possibly need for a fun time. Battle the wizards, travel to the other dimensions, and you can explore all the different mechanics at your leisure. It really is absolutely fantastic from start to finish and it is a miracle that more people haven’t bothered to pick this one up and try it for themselves.

So, overall, it’s time to get right into the game. There is a lot to enjoy here and it is all about as beautiful and polished as you could hope for. Once you get past the odd name (really, guys?), you will find that there is a lot or time and effort that has gone into this and making sure it works well. Whether you choose to follow the plot or simply mess about, there is ample provision to do both. You should definitely take the time to explore as much as you can without having to worry about whether or not there are restrictions.

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carter tallent
The server has been running great. Though i wish the system itself was a bit more streamlined. But all in all its a great experience playing with friends on our server.
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