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Played Minecraft to death? Looking for something new and challenging to test your abilities in the world? Well then this is probably for you. Bounds is designed to be tougher than most other mod packs, and places an emphasis on a rewarding difficulty system which can be quite a lot for the inexperienced player. You start with literally nothing and you work to create a world which will ultimately benefit you in the best way possible.

This is a 1.12.2 modpack for the vanilla Minecraft, and as an experience there is a lot to appreciate and enjoy. You will notice that there are numerous challenges to work through right off the bat, which helps to create a practical and sensible gameplay experience. The developers have programmed this game to be tough - for example, basic tools will no longer work as well as you would like, so the emphasis is on creating tools which will perform at a higher level but are also rarer to collect at the same time.

The mod pack has been well built and is designed to give you a fair but challenging experience. All of the typical Minecraft elements are present and correct, but they have been enhanced and perfected thanks to various cosmetic and structural modifications. There’s a very, very low chance of this breaking, so you can easily continue to explore all of the precise mechanics and elements to find what works best for you.

What you need to understand is that there are plenty of different resources to collect but they have been locked off in such a way that you need your wits to get them. The world generation is much more unforgiving than normal and the mobs are tougher to deal with - during the early game you will need to pick what battles to fight and what to try and avoid. This intelligence, in turn, means that you can stay alive and not worry about the potential dangers quite so much.

Obviously this is just an enhancement of conventional Minecraft and so you need to try and think about what choices that will help you to move forward and also to build structures that will work for your needs. The goal is exploration and creation as usual but it’s all much more difficult to do. This is no bad thing either as the end result makes it feel so much more impressive and rewarding than you might have thought.

So overall, this is an interesting experience which does offer a lot to just about anyone who is interested in it. The overall challenge can be a lot for first time players but you do get used to the mechanics and how to move forward in the game. Naturally, the emphasis is on exploring the world, collecting resources and building the structures that please you. But doing so is more difficult than ever and you need to honestly weigh up the pros and cons of reckless play. This is something that you will need to put a lot into, but if you take your time and focus on giving it everything you’ve got, you’ll be able to reap all of the rewards.

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