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Our Blightfall Server Hosting has a simple one click install for over 1000 unique modpacks.

Imagine the conventional experience playing Minecraft. Then take it away completely. Remove the comfort and the safety of a village. Remove the easy access to resources and replace them with limited provisions. Take away everything that made Minecraft so casual and turn it into a battle for survival with realistic mechanics on an alien planet. Then you would get what people call Blightfall. It’s an immersive experience which puts an emphasis on survival. There is a real need to make sure that you stay alive here, and it will take all of your cunning to make sure that you do.

Blightfall was made to give players an experience which is not like conventional Minecraft. It is not supposed to be easy or even something that you can approach with a level of casualness. You need to make sure that you have carefully considered all of the different options to provide yourself with the one which works best for you. Expect to fall frequently playing this game. And yet, with each loss, you learn something. Each failure brings a crucial lesson to people. You have access to something that you could not get anywhere else. You have access to knowledge and experience. These will serve you well.

Players can look forward to a handcrafted map with considerable resources to find and utilise. There is 3.75km of terrain to cover - a challenging distance to say the least. There are new ores to find and utilise for yourself. Only you can decide how to best make use of your resources - what to do to give yourself the optimum experience. You will he required to carefully ration what you have available and to plan for all eventualities - you would be wise to explore as much as possible to find the optimum location for a base camp.

What we recommend is that new players focus on learning precious lessons from every interaction they have with mobs, the environment and the game mechanics; in such an environment like this, it is important to make sure that you learn from every encounter. The true test of your skills will be to identify whether or not you can learn from your mistakes - the game can consume you if you are not careful, so you must act with caution to progress. But do not be alarmed. It is a very enjoyable experience for everyone, and you would be wise to enjoy them where you can.

There is no doubt that this is an incredibly appealing mod for people who want to explore a new world and survive in challenging conditions. You have to learn to be as safe as possible while still pushing yourself to the absolute limits. Why else bother, after all, if not to challenge yourself? You will no doubt experience some incredible moments which will help to define you and give you the skills you need to progress. You will grow from your experiences, and they will enrich you.

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Very easy to use and great customer support, would recomaing for the price.
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