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Our Better Than Minecolonies Getting Started Server Hosting has a simple one click install for over 1000 unique modpacks.

Do you ever wish that you had complete creative freedom over something? Has it ever been your desire to completely pick your path and explore it fully? Well, that is pretty much the point of Minecraft, but the vanilla experience can be a little restrictive. An incredible sandbox it may be, but it is still just a sandbox, so the narrative is really something you have to drive forward yourself, and there are restrictions to what you can and can not do.

Or at least, there were restrictions. Not anymore. This may well be one of the most versatile and exciting mod packs, simply because it gives you complete creative control. You can do literally whatever you want to do, whenever you want to do it, and that is an incredibly intoxicating power to have. Whether you start down the route of magic, and ultimately become a master sorcerer, or whether you go for the more domestic approach and build a nice two story house with a functioning bathroom and Internet access, there is something for everybody. And yes, we did just say Internet access.

Because there are no more limits, and you can do whatever you want to do, this really does open up a lot of interesting ideas for people. Minecraft is at the core, a lot to do with creating worlds which you can’t necessarily access. So if you wanted to create a sprawling metropolis of buildings and people, you could do that with much more easier if you had theoretically infinite resources. People don’t have to worry about whether or not the world that they are creating is a good one. Instead, all they need to worry about is whether or not they have the potential to figure out how to use their resources for the best. You can create whatever kind of world you like, so the only limits are your imagination.

Getting started is pretty easy thanks to all of the resources available, which was one of the main taglines that draws people to the mod in the first place. You can very easily get going with building the world that you want, and that is good because a lot of people struggle at the beginning to make progress. . This isn’t like a vanilla Minecraft in the sense that the grind isn’t quite so bad. It’s a lot like Minecraft, and a lot of the pre-existing mechanics are still there, but the beginning grind is not as arduous as it usually is, which is quite nice. You would be wise to give this one a go, explore all of the different options, and ultimately find out what it is that you want from the server. When the only limits are your imagination, you really can create some incredible ideas. All you have to do is have the wisdom to find out what’s going to be best for you. Check it out, see what’s on offer, and just have fun!

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Justin Russell
Ive used scalacube for awhile, they seem pretty good!
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